5 things you should never do at a Bingo hall

innerplaybingo13042015If you play a lot of online bingo, chances are you’re used to a certain style of play and you’re also probably used to the freedom that comes with not having to abide by a certain set of rules, in the comfort of your own home, where you won’t be disturbed or be disturbing anyone.

But if you take your game to the real world, that freedom disappears and you must comply with what you’re expected as “normal” citizen (although I honestly don’t think there’s actually such as thing as normal in this world).

We’re not saying you can’t have playing live, but there are 5 key things you should never do at a Bingo hall. If you’re planning a trip, you better pay attention to this.

Don’t scream Bingo if you don’t actually have one

You know the story of the boy who cried wolf? In that classic tale, after falsely announcing the presence of a wolf twice in a row, the little boy wasn’t believed the third time he cried wolf, even though there was a wolf present. In that story, the boy was given a few chances. But at a Bingo hall, if you scream Bingo and don’t actually have one, you could get kicked out. That’s not to say that accidentally filling out a Bingo card will get you kicked out if you don’t actually have Bingo. But if you clearly don’t have a completed line and you scream Bingo just for fun, your days are numbered.

Don’t show up in pajamas…or worse

When you play online, you have the luxury of wearing whatever you want to the virtual Bingo hall. Not in the mood to get dressed? Go ahead and play in your pajamas, a towel, or nothing at all. We don’t judge (though your neighbors might if you leave the window open). But if you’re venturing out to a Bingo hall, we recommend throwing on some clothes. Most Bingo halls adhere to the “no shirt, no shoes, no service” philosophy, so find something half-decent to wear.

Don’t alter a Bingo card

Most people who play Bingo are honest, but there are some bad apples out there. It goes without saying that you should never alter a Bingo card by trying to turn a 3 into an 8 or a 5 into a 6. If you’re caught trying to alter a Bingo card, you will be kicked out. And in some cases, you could be charged with fraud.

Don’t forget your ID each time

When you create an online Bingo account, your ID is verified at the get go to confirm that you’re of legal gambling age. But that only happens once. There’s no need to keep verifying your identity each time you sign on. However, in the land-based Bingo world, you need to confirm that you’re legally allowed to enter the facilities. So always remember your identification.

Don’t repeat the Bingo caller

When the caller yells out the number pulled, pipe down. Leave the number calls to the pros. There’s nothing worse than listening to someone repeat the numbers. Most people do not want to hear others repeating the numbers as it can get distracting.

Think you’ll have trouble abiding by these rules? Then we recommend sticking to online Bingo. There’s a game running 24/7 at 123BingoOnline.com and you’re free to break all the rules (except for trying to alter a Bingo card, of course).