5 Things Every Bingo Player Should Know

Bingo is a very simple form when it’s stripped down. It consists of numbers and a card with these numbers on it. The goal is to match the numbers called on your own card in order to create a line across the board. It doesn’t take a degree in rocket science to figure out how to play. However, you will be surprised just how many people can manage to get this wrong. In their defense,bingo games can be a bit confusing these days, especially bingo games online. The many different forms of bingo can confuse bingo players at times.

The following parts of this article will list the 5 most important things bingo players should know. They may sound simple and you may say to yourself,” Why wouldn’t anyone know that”, but the fact of the matter is, not everyone does.

Know the Game You are Playing

In today’s bingo world, we have many options of bingo to choose from. The games mainly vary by the number of balls used by the caller, but this is an important part of the game. The amount of balls used will change bingo player’s odds of winning which is very important. The most common games are 90 and 70 ball ball bingo. There will be different games other than these, but as long as you know which one you are playing, you will be fine.

Know How to Win

This is one that may sound a bit simple, but bingo games can vary from the way you win. Most of us are used to making a line up or down and diagonal in order to win. However, some games will let you win by making all four corners or some other unique way of winning. Before you sit down to play any bingo game, make sure you know the ways to win.

Know the Jackpots

Some bingo games online and even ones in bingo halls will have a jackpot that can be won. The way you win will vary depending on what the rules are at the place you play. You may have to meet certain requirements to win this jackpot such as; playing X amount of cards or even paying a certain amount of money. If you don’t meet these requirements, you can’t win the jackpot.

Know the Jargon

Listening to bingo players chat with one another can sound like a foreign language if you are unfamiliar. Although knowing the jargon won’t necessarily win or lose money, it can make you feel awkward or left out.

Here are some popular terms used by bingo players.

House: Another word for the bingo hall, or casino.

Cage: Where the bingo balls are placed.

Caller:The person who calls out the bingo numbers after picking them.

Dabber/Marker: The tool used to mark bingo cards once the numbers are called.

Know the Age Limits

Depending on where you live, will determine if you are allowed to play bingo. If you live in America, this can get even more confusing as each one of the 50 states will have their own law as far as age requirements go. Other parts of the world will also have varying rules and regulations concerning age limits. Make sure to know how old you need to be before you venture online or to a live bingo hall.

If you feel we missed something or just want to share your thoughts on other important things bingo players should know, please feel free to leave a comment.