3 Strangest Bingo Card Themes


Bingo is one of the most popular games, and now that it is available online the popularity has only continued to climb. With so many people getting on the Bingo train, the number of creative and even strange Bingo card themes is staggering.

Well, for the sake of inspiration and brevity, we’ve sifted through thousands of Bingo card themes and we’ve compiled this list of the ones we think are the strangest ideas. Sadly, we cannot include pictures because many of them are the property of the sites we visited, but we will explain them in enough detail that you’ll be able to picture them in your mind.

May the Force be With You!

The Stars Wars franchise is a force to be reckoned with; in the movie industry, in the gaming industry, in the publishing and toy industries, and now, apparently, in the Bingo card theme industry. Picture this, a 5×5 Bingo card with each square featuring a different Star Wars character, icon, or name. Here is a quick, and short, list of the ones we saw:

•Han Solo

•Luke Skywalker

•Princess Leia

•Jabba the Hut




•Anakin Skywalker

•Darth Vader

•The Millenium Falcon

…and many more. The Star Wars universe is HUGE and the number of available combinations is mind boggling.

It’s a BINGO Christmas!

This Bingo card was so much strange as it was kitchy. On this card there were Christmas trees, Santas, mistletoe, yule logs, tinsel, ornaments, snowflakes, sleds, steaming mugs of some dark liquid (either hot cocoa or spiked coffee), and even a few reindeer.

Spooky Bingo

If Christmas themed Bingo cards aren’t your thing, you just might like the spooky, Halloween version. On this 4×4 Bingo card we saw:

•Black cats

•Witches on brooms flying across the face of the moon

•Jack-o-lanterns with sinister smiles

•Cobwebs complete with their own hairy black spiders

•Bubbling cauldrons

•Skulls with hideous grins

•Devils decked out in red

…and much more spooky characters.

Booze Bingo

This Bingo theme is a 3×3 card that features dozens of different drink combinations. These include:



•Long Island iced tea


•Red Bull

•Whiskey on the rocks



•Light Beer


•Mike’s Hard Lemonade

•Smirnoff flavored vodkas in Green Apple and Cotton Candy

There were also Bingo cards with botany themes, insects, cat breeds, dog breeds, baby paraphernalia, colleges & universities, R&B singers, and even alchemy symbols based on the popular online strategy game.
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