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Is a Bingo Caller a real job?


When I was growing up, I used to love playing Bingo with family and friends. And my favorite part of the game was when I got to be the one who called balls. I loved it so much that I told my parents I wanted to be a Bingo Caller when I grew up. They put a stop to that idea, encouraging me to go to law school (I didn’t) or med school (also, nope, didn’t). I became a writer, partially because I love to write, but more so because I was told, rather untruthfully, that a Bingo Caller isn’t a profession. It turns out a Bingo Caller is a real job. Yup, it’s not a volunteer position as some would have you believe (my parents, specifically). It’s an actual job that people take seriously, and one that pays actual money. So is the Bingo Caller profession right for you? [...]

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Don’t Miss Out on these Bingo Hotspots


If you’re not up on the latest trends in the gaming industry, you may assume that bingo is a hobby that’s enjoyed exclusively by the elderly in retirement homes and community centers. While this may have been the case at one time, those days have most certainly come to an end. These days, variations to the classic bingo formula have introduced the game to audiences of all ages, and the result is a modern resurgence to one of the gaming industry’s most tried and tested games. Still, finding a great place to enjoy a night of bingo is a vital ingredient to a fun evening. You’ll want to play with a crowd that shares your love of the game, so take a bit of time researching possible venues before making the trip. Obviously, the vast number of bingo halls around the globe makes formulating a comprehensive list an impossibility. The [...]

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Don’t hit a Bingo chat room before understanding the Bingo periodical table of elements


Bingo is a blast, but if you’re playing the game in silence, you’re missing out. We know what you’re thinking. How is online Bingo, where you can play in the darkness of your basement at 3am, more social than a live Bingo game where there are real people seated right beside you? Well, the truth is that online Bingo is actually way more social than its land-based counterpart thanks to Bingo chat rooms that allow you to talk with thousands of Bingo players all over the world from the comforts of home. In fact, Bingo rooms make online Bingo the most social form of gambling entertainment around, no ifs, ands, or buts. But if you’re new to a Bingo chat room, you might not be familiar with all the lingo being tossed around left, right, and center. And it’s not just foreign words that Bingo players use in the chat [...]

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Collector’s Dream: Vintage Bingo sets you’ll want to get your hands on


It’s Bingo time! Actually, make that Bingo Back-In-Time because today, it’s all about old-school Bingo sets that true collectors and Bingo fans will absolutely love. Sure you can grab a Bingo set at any old Toys R Us or online at But modern Bingo sets are just that — modern. They lack some of the imagination and magic of yesteryear’s Bingo innovations. Today, we’re taking a trip down memory land to look at some classic Bingo sets. But this isn’t about soaking it all in and enjoying a flashback. It’s about giving you the opportunity to buy these vintage Bingo sets. Each one of the vintage Bingo sets revealed here are available for purchase through private sale. Have a look. We know you’ll find something you like. Unique Bingo Caller If you’re a huge fan of all things retro and you love hosting home Bingo games, you’re going to [...]

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Poolside Bingo: Best Ideas for a Bingo Day in your Bathing Suit


Summer is here in the Northern Hemisphere. If you’re in need of a bit of proof, we suggest opening the front door and sticking your toe out into the sweltering heat. Depending on where you live, outside time will almost certainly be accompanied by a bathing suit and a swimming pool for the next couple months. If you don’t want to stay inside in the air conditioner, a dip in the pool is a fantastic way to beat the heat, even when you’ve got friends over. There are plenty of options for amplifying the fun when you’re taking a dip, from volleyball or basketball to a good old fashioned chicken fight, but not everyone is into so much physical effort. If you’re looking for a way to pass the time in the pool without breaking a sweat, look to everyone’s favorite game: bingo. At first glance, it may not seem [...]

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