Getting the Most Out of Team Tournaments


Team bingo: this may be a bit of a strange concept for some, but for those experienced bingo players who know, it may be one of the best ways to play bingo.

Team bingo has been around for a long time and recently has become very popular. It has become so popular that team tournaments have sprung up. Team bingo tournaments here at 123Bingo can be very, very profitable for anyone and everyone that decides to play. If you don’t know how to get the most out of a team bingo tournament, this little blog is for you.

Advantages of Team Bingo

Playing team bingo tournaments has quite a few advantages, especially if you are playing online bingo. Definitely the best of all the advantages that playing team online bingo tournaments has is for the type of player that does not play very often or that type of player that, when he or she plays, does not wager very much money. These kinds of players usually do not see big winnings. But these players can see big winnings if they play in team bingo tournaments. Why? This is because when playing in a team, these players have the chance to get teamed up with the kind of player that plays very often and/or wagers a lot of money. This gives the whole team an advantage to win bigger and better. The “high roller” player, let’s call them, can not only wager more money for the team, but also can help the other players with his or her experience. There is nothing like experience when playing on a team. So this brings greater winning probabilities each member of the team.

Another big advantage surfaces as the types or manners that you can win. Each tournament is different. The winning team can be decided by either the largest amount wagered by a team or by the most games won. Having these two manners of winning balances out the luck factor and gives players options for playing as well. Teaming up with a “high roller” can give you the advantage if you are playing to win by largest amount wagered, whereas playing with someone with a lot of experience can give you the advantage if you are playing to win by most games won.

Team bingo tournaments have another advantage, and this could not be more straightforward. The prizes in team bingo tournaments are much bigger! This is especially true of 123Bingo. Play to win, and when you win, you will win big. The prizes have to be bigger because it’s a team that is winning, however, 123Bingo does not skimp. So, keep your eyes on the prize!

Finally, team bingo tournaments are much more interactive. Playing at home might tire some people out, but when you can chat with your other teammates, you can give each other second and third winds, or even talk out your strategy. This makes you really feel the experience playing on a team.

So, in a nutshell, those are the advantages to playing team bingo tournament, and thus the ways you can get the most out of playing in a team bingo tournament. We encourage you to try it out and see for yourself that this style of play is on a whole different level.