Bingo Detective: Basic Steps to Online Bingo


Many of you have written to us asking for support on how to teach your newbie friends how to set up an account to play online bingo. Of course we heard you and the Bingo Detective is ready to supply you with very simple guidelines to start playing online.

  • When you select a site to play online, make sure a friend of yours recommends a site. If you don’t know anyone who plays online bingo, do some research to make sure you choose the most legitimate and secure site.
  • A privacy policy should be available in a professional online bingo site. The bingo site must have policies on how to validate the identity of users.
  • Online bingo sites have cash back incentives and free play rewards. Furthermore, compare the jackpot prizes to help you decide on the best site for you.
  • When you register, avoid sites that ask you to download a lot of software. Professional sites just require that you update flash player.
  • Make sure that during registration the questions asked are name, address and country of origin. Your location is required since certain countries restrict online gambling. You’ll also be required to choose a username and password to access any of the games.
  • Provide a valid email address and payment method.
  • Make sure that there’s a wide choice of payment methods like money orders, wire transfers, credit cards, debit cards and Neteller payments.
  • Find out what name the online bingo transactions will appear as on your credit card statements to track deposits on your account.

Playing Online Bingo

  • Before you start playing, review all of the rooms available to play. The most common types of online bingo games are 75 Ball Bingo and 90 Ball Bingo.
  • In 75 Ball Bingo, there are the possibilities of 75 different numbers that can be called during each game. The object of the game is to match the required pattern on your callboard with the numbers called out during the match.
  • In 90 Ball Bingo, you play with 90 different numbers and instead of using a callboard for the game, tickets are purchased. Unlike 75 Ball Bingo, you don’t create a pattern to win. Instead, you must fill each line on the tickets.
  • The winners are whoever completes the first line, the second line and then the third line to make a full house.
  • After you select a bingo room from the open options, you decide on how many cards you want to purchase for each game.
  • As each number is called, it is marked on your cards and tickets. When you have won a game in the bingo room, there will likely be a claim or bingo button which informs the room of your victory and have your earnings added to your gaming account.
  • If you experience technical difficulties and leave the room mid-game. Online bingo sites still honor your card and any winnings you may have earned while out of the room is automatically applied to your account.
  • If you spend long enough on Internet bingo games, you will start to recognize the user names of certain regulars and there is the option of chatting.
  • If you don’t wish to chat with someone, you can hit the “ignore” button, but if you do want to socialize there is the option of “private chat.”

At 123Bingo we want you to feel that we’re here to answer your questions and help you enjoy online bingo like we do. Enjoy!