Bingo Chips

Choose your Bingo Chips

Bingo is a popular game that can be played with any number of people; it can really turn into a huge event under the appropriate circumstances. Purely banking on luck, players assemble in large numbers to select what they feel could be their lucky ‘bingo cards’, which have numbers appearing in 5×5 matrices. Bingo chips are chief accessories in the game, used in place of markers and daubers. Basically you can use anything you want as a Bingo chip, but the true game lovers, take their Bingo chips very seriously. The objective of the bingo games is to mark out all the numbers that are called out on the card. The announcer draws a ball with the letters B-I-N-G-O on it, with corresponding numbers. As each of the numbers is called out, players cover the numbers with bingo chips on their cards.

The first player who manages to cover all the squares in the pattern that is being played gets to call out “Bingo!” and wins that specific game. All numbers required to win should be covered with the bingo chips. The card is checked by the conductor of the game before announcing the winner to the group. At large gatherings of players at VFW halls and church halls, magnetic or plastic chips are more convenient than the markers or bingo daubers. These are made from transparent plastic, and can be magnetic too. These chips can be reusable, and as you can see, they do play a very important role on the Bingo game itself. But these are not the only types of Bingo chips available: Due to the popularity of the game manufacturers have been led to come up with quite a striking assortment of the plastic chips sold in tubs and packs.

The magnetic chips ones are preferred by some for the convenience they offer in clearing up the bingo card, also it avoids what you may call little accidents as they will not move from their spot easily. A magnetic wand is another accessory introduced by manufacturers that sweeps the magnetic bingo chips in one go. While the game remains the same, innovations in the equipment used is adding to the color and excitement. You can also find plastic chips in an assortment of colors that you can personalize to your own taste. You can claim with certain confidence that chips are definitely a big part of the beloved game. If you are an avid Bingo player or even you just like to host random game nights at home, you should definitely invest on these types of accessories as they truly complete the whole look and ambiance of the game.