Bingo Chat Games: A New Kind of Bingo Fun

Online Bingo has been growing in popularity over the last few years as more of the house bound “Golden Oldies” generation turn to online entertainment to keep themselves amused and win a few bucks.

Gaming sites like doesn’t just offer the tried and true bingo experience, they also offer something a little different; Bingo Chat Games.

The Bingo Chat Game is a Bingo game that is played in a moderated chat room. The chat room moderator “calls the game” and anyone who deposits $10 gets a chance to play. The point of the Bingo Chat Game is to have the chance to win some money while chatting with your friends. You can play along with the game while discussing the merits of red sauce over white sauce on pizza.

There are MANY different types of Bingo Chat Games, some that use birth dates, some that use random letters from the alphabet, and some that are just kooky and off the wall.

Some of the Bingo Chat Games available on are:

•Alphabet Soup


•Yin & Yang

•Fast Lane

•Garden Pals

•Quack, Quack

•and many more…

No matter which game you choose to play, you are required to yell or shout out a specific phrase in order to win the BBs which can range from 2BBs all the way up to 150BBs.

Bingo Chat Games combine the love of chatting it up with the love of winning at Bingo. When it comes to enjoying a win-win online, you can never go wrong with the Bingo Chat Games you’ll find on