Bingo Calling Terms (part 2)

The rhyming nicknames sure do inject an occasional sense of fun into the Bingo game proceedings.

Here are some more that spice up the good old Bingo hall!

  • 20 - Getting plenty / Blind 20 / One Score
    At twenty, youngsters are considered to become quite active sexually, which leads to the rhyming slang.
  • 21 - Royal salute/ If only I was...
    21 shots are fired into the air as the royal salute to the Queen. To add more humor to the game, sometimes callers pretend to reminisce about the time they were 21 and youthful!
  • 22 - All the twos
  • 23 - The Lord is my Shepherd
    A reference to the Bible, where in psalm 23, it is written "The Lord is my shepherd"
  • 24 - Two dozen
    One dozen is 12 so 24 are two dozens - a simple nickname.
  • 26 - Bed and breakfast / Half a crown
    In UK, the traditional cost of staying at a bread and breakfast was 2 shillings and six pence which used to be written as 2 and 6. 2/6 was called half a crown in Victorian coinage.
  • 30 - Burlington Bertie / Speed limit / Flirty thirty
    Ideally, the odds of 100-30 on the horse racing circuit will be called a Burlington Bertie. Here, the racing circuit slang meanders into Bingo. Thirty is also the speed limit imposed by the authorities in residential areas of UK.
  • 33 - All the threes / Sherwood Forest
    Just like 22 has all the twos, 33 have all the threes. Sherwood Forest is the forest where Robin Hood lived. Robin Hood was 33, among the trees and hence the nickname!
  • 36 - Three dozen
  • 39 - Those famous steps
    Taken from the world famous espionage classic - The 39 Steps