How to Deposit

Depositing Methods

In order to play and win our 123Bingo real money games you must first deposit some funds into your account.

There is a $26 Minimum Deposit depending on the method you use. All deposit funds must be processed and approved before you are allowed to play for real money. We currently accept the following methods for funding your account.

1. Visa/ Master Card

Fund your account instantly using your Visa or MasterCard. Your account is credited instantly. Your purchase will show as "123BINGOONLINE, 1-8009690739" in your credit card statement


2. Neteller

NETeller is a fast and secure online payment solution. Transfers to 123Bingo are Free! To Make a NETeller Deposit Simply Login to 123Bingo and choose the "Fund Account" option. For more information on NETeller, visit

*This Option is not available for US or Canadian customers.


3. Person to Person

P2P Money Transfers are fast and reliable. Transfer fees will be covered on deposits of $50 or more. The minimum deposit is $25. These deposits can be verified from 8 AM to 10:30 PM EST. For current instructions please contact the 123Bingo support.


4. Wire Transfer

This is a secure and reliable way to fund your account. We will cover all fees incurred as well. Contact us for sending instructions. Funds will be credited to your Bingo account in approximately 1-4 days depending on the receipt of wire. Wire Transfer is the most recommended method for large deposits. Minimum wire deposit amount allowed is $500.00.


5. EcoCard

EcoCard account guarantees the confidentiality of your Bingo credit purchases. All you need is an email address! You are not required to reveal your identity. Even if you don't qualify for a credit card!

EcoCard is absolutely FREE OF CHARGE: no registration fees, no monthly payments, nor per-transaction fees.

Accessibility worldwide and guaranteed payouts.

How to purchase credits using EcoCard:

  1. Register with EcoCard ˆ it takes less than 3 minutes to register the account.

  2. Make a deposit through one of Payment methods listed on EcoCard site.

  3. Log into your BINGO account and go to the banking section, select EcoCard as the payment method, enter the amount for transfer from your EcoCard

For Information and to register an Ecocard account please click here.


4. Wire Transfer

IPoint: fund your account using your mobile phone and your registered card.

To register your mobile in IPoint visit or click in the button below and provide your information.

  1. Your credit card will be billed immediately after purchase.

  2. All transactions are in USD.

  3. We recommend the cardholder to print out all transaction data, the rules of the game, the cancellation regulations, and the payment methods in order to avoid confusions and discussions at a later time.


If your card shows a double charge, or was charged by mistake or without your authorization, we will consider your case and if a valid case is presented, we will refund your purchase. In case you acknowledge the charge but want to cancel the transaction and request a fund, please send an email to [email protected]

Please contact our customer support for further information about your transaction and about refunds and cancellation.

You always have access to the CASH funds in your account. You can request a withdrawal at anytime for the cash balance in your account. To request a withdrawal, login, go to the player's area and click on "Request A Withdrawal". Go to our rules page for further information on withdrawal rules.l rules.