Bingo Around the World

With online Bingo gaining popularity, Bingo games have truly become international. A game that was earlier played within a community, is now gaining versatility in its players. Players from diverse backgrounds - cultural, racial and social, play together. What could not have been envisaged about forty years earlier is now happening in present day.

Only a fraction of people who played free Bingo in halls have remained loyal to the traditional way of playing Bingo, the rest have discovered the fun and excitement of online Bingo. The Bingo halls are now patronized by people affiliated to the local churches or schools or organizations looking to raise money.

Originated in Italy, Bingo games are no longer limited to Europe. As the popularity of the online Bingo games continues to grow, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, US, Spain and UK have forayed into the gaming business. While United States still houses majority of the Bingo players, the other countries are fast catching up!

As Bingo games travel to countries, the names, card layouts and patterns change to match the culture of the people. In Spain, for instance, you will find more colorful and musical online Bingo rooms than those in the US, keeping in tune with their lively culture.

As Bingo's popularity grows, so does the sophistication of the technology and interface used to play it online. You can now find satellite Bingo that connects various online game halls to increase the pot sizes and double, triple or sometimes quadruple the payouts!

You can now also bridge the geographical distance between you and your favorite cousin who might stay on a different continent. While you enjoy your favorite free online Bingo games with your long lost friend or family member, there will be people around the world trying to better their technologies and give you an even more sensational experience of playing online Bingo!