Bingo and the Beach: The Perfect Vacation

One of the greatest things about technology is that you can take your favorite things with you wherever you go. That means that when you ditch the dregs and damnation of the workplace to go on vacation, you can take your favorite games with you to your destination of choice.

While you’re lazing about on the beach or taking in the sites in Bali, you never too far from your best and most popular Bingo gaming sites. Why go through Bingo withdrawal when you can win big while getting some sun?


We wouldn’t recommend you lug your laptop around with you while you’re site seeing, but once you are back in your hotel room, you can pull out the laptop and login to play your most beloved of games.


When you want to play a few relaxing hours playing Bingo while the waves crash against the shore, why not take 123 Bingo Online with you on your tablet. Currently, we do not have an app, but you can still use the handy dandy internet to login and play from anywhere in the world. Don’t let distance or accessibility keep you from playing a few games of Bingo.


While our website isn’t optimized for the mobile web, you can still use your 4G or wireless connection to login and play. Mobile technology has certainly come a long way from giant cancer-causing eye sores to small, compact treasure troves of fun and fancy. When you play Bingo on your smartphone, you can dig your toes into the sand and yell “BINGO!” until the sun goes down.

You can take a vacation from all of the hustle and bustle in the world, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave Bingo behind. Handheld tech makes so many wonderful things possible and that includes giving our regular players the chance to play even when they are far away from their desktop computers.