Biggest Bingo Halls in the World


Us, bingo lovers, seem to be obsessed with bingo halls. As if they vary so much from place to place. The truth is that once we start playing, the adrenaline rush that we get is the same whether you’re at a community center or the most exclusive casino in the city.

The biggest bingo parlors seem to be a common curiosity to many players, since I get asked the same question quite often. So for this once, let’s talk about the biggest bingo halls out there. I thought the list would be a bit more international, but the truth is that the biggest seem to be right here in our home. America.

The largest of them all and the first one of the list is the Grand Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut. Since this casino is the winner of our list, we’ll go a bit further into its history. This 4.7-million square-foot edifice that is home to 344,000 square feet of casino space, began its gambling existence back in 1986 when the late Lim Goh Tong, who founded the only legal casino in Malaysia, opened a bingo hall.

Six years later the Indian tribe known as the Pequots got the OK to add table games to the mix and by 1993 slot machines made their presence felt. The rest, as they say, is history as today Foxwoods welcomes 40,000 visitors a day and employs more than 10,000 people while ringing in more than $200 million a year in gaming revenues.

Foxwoods, however, does hold a decisive edge as the Bingo Capitol of the World as the closest that any venue can get to its 4,000-seat capacity at the San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino in Highland, Calif. and the Isleta Casino & Resort in Albuquerque, which both seat 2,500.

The Isleta Resort & Casino, an Indian casino resort in sunny New Mexico is a popular holiday destination in its own right, set at the heart of the Land of Enchantment. Set against the backdrop of the Manzano Mountains and the lush greenery of the Rio Grande Bosque, it’s certainly the most picturesque setting of all of the bingo halls on our list. Its bingo halls are glamorous and welcome players from all over the world.

The second/third biggest bingo hall is the San Manuel which always has a host of promotions scheduled for its bingo room, events such as next month’s Beat the Taxman Bingo where 15 regular games will pay $1,199, one dollar below the amount you would have to report to the IRS.

The lone non-U.S. venue to make the list is England’s Gala Bingo Peterborough Westfield, which comes in at ninth and uses bingo as its centerpiece, but also offers £500 slot machines to play in between sessions. Sits 1400 people.

The fifth casino of our list is the Potawatomi Bingo Casino in Milwaukee, which can seat just over 1,300 bingo players amidst a full range of casino games.

Are you aware of any more huge bingo halls around the world?