Young People and Bingo


Bingo has developed a bit of a reputation over the years. If the name of the game conjures up images of retirement homes and grandparents in your mind, you aren’t alone. Despite this generalization, the fact is that bingo is increasingly becoming a favorite among young people.

The rising popularity can be attributed to a few of bingo’s more appealing features: easy to understand rules, an equal chance of winning for all players and, most importantly, a nearly limitless supply of fun tweaks to customize the game for the target audience.

Bingo at School

When we say bingo is popular among young people, we don’t just mean young adults. Elementary schools have been advantaging the simple game for years as a learning tool to make educating youngsters more exciting. Filling the bingo cards with math equations and calling out the solutions, for example, requires students to understand their lessons in order to win the big prize, giving them another reason to want to learn. Candies for bingo markers? Well, that’s just icing on the cake!

Rock and Roll Bingo

If listening to a caller drone on about letters and numbers isn’t your idea of exciting, you’ll want to check out this musical variation, which is extremely popular in the United Kingdom. Instead of numbers, the cards are filled with songs and artists, requiring players to listen closely for the songs they need to get the big win. Whether at a local bar or at home through a specialized kit, Rock and Roll Bingo is a great opportunity for young people to enjoy bingo with their friends.

Bridal Shower Bingo

A great game to add to the excitement of the prenuptial festivities, this bingo game comes with its fair share of variations, but one of the most popular types centers around the opening of gifts. As the bride-to-be opens her shower gifts, guests hold bingo cards that list commonly received items. When she opens something on your card, that’s one square down. The host of the shower usually brings small prizes to reward the first few winners, creating a more fun, interactive way to open gifts.

Whatever type of bingo you prefer, it’s easy to see why the classic game is continuing to grow in popularity among younger crowds. While it remains a staple at community centers and retirement homes, the endless variations of bingo make it a quick and easy way to add a fun, community aspect to nearly any situation. As creative minds continue to think of brand new ways to take advantage of the tried and tested bingo formula, expect it to continue its resurgence among audiences of all ages.