We’ve unearthed 5 hidden Bingo secrets every player should know

innersecrets21012016The Bingo card is so ubiquitous. Whether you’ve never played before or you play daily online, you know the Bingo card the second you see it. It’s been around for centuries. It’s crowned many winners. And it’s led to new friendships at Bingo halls around the world.

With a rich history, Bingo has a few hidden secrets. Today, we’ve uncovered some interesting ones that every player should know. Feel free to use these as “fun fact” tidbits during your next Bingo social or when you chat with other Bingo players online.

The average age is dropping

If you think gray hair and wrinkles when you think Bingo, give your head a shake. Today’s Bingo player is skewing younger and younger. In the UK, for example, Bingo clubs see 45 million visits a year. And those visitors are getting younger and younger.

Part of it has to do with today’s Bingo clubs offering players a pub-like feel, complete with sofas, music, and a night club environment as opposed to a hollow community center gymnasium. The other part, however, has to do with the fact that young players are introduced to Bingo playing online and are transitioning to the live world with ease.

The phenomenon stretches far beyond the traditional (or not-so-traditional) Bingo hall. Even college bars are getting in on the action, hosting Bingo nights to attract a younger crowd. And people are eating it up. And drinking it up, obviously.

Bingo cards were once used for education purposes only

When I was a kid—I’m talking 8 or 9—my Dad would play Blackjack with me at the dinner table. While other kids were playing board games designed for the under-12 set, my parents were teaching me casino games. The logic behind the madness was that Blackjack teaches mathematics. At the end of the day, my father really liked the game and wanted me to be ready to join him at the table when I turned 21 (and I did). But there was some truth to his justification. Today, I’m a really good counter. Not necessarily a card counter, mind you. But I can add 76 and 132 in my head in less than a second (208, for the record).

It turns out my father didn’t invent the concept of gambling with his kids (and no, we didn’t play for money…just Oreos). Bingo cards were actually first used by German educators back in the 1800s. The cards were developed to teach students multiplication using numbers and even things like farm animals.

The British do Bingo differently

They drive on the left side of the road. They use terms like “taking the piss” which has nothing to do with what any American might assume it has to do with. They call French Fries “chips” and chips “crisps”. The British have a tendency to confuse Americans and Bingo is no different.

The United States Bingo cards you know and love use 75 numbers in total, which means you won’t see any number above 75 on a US Bingo card, traditionally speaking. In The UK, however, the number combinations grow bigger. That’s because the numbers in play range from 1 to 90.

Winning the jackpot isn’t everything

In fact, it’s almost nothing. Head onto the floor of a casino and you’ll find players feeding slots, hoping to hit the biggest jackpot they’ve ever seen. For most slots players, it’s all about winning the big one That tends to be the number one attraction. But that’s not the case with Bingo players.

It turns out winning a big jackpot is only number five on the top reasons why players sit down to play Bingo online and off. You know what the number one reason is? To have fun. That should come as no surprise considering Bingo is an incredibly social game.

That number drops even lower when you’re talking about charity Bingo games. In a recent survey, 75% of respondents said that funds going to charity is a key reason for visiting a Bingo hall. While the survey doesn’t necessary prove that Bingo players are more charitable, it seems as though they are more comfortable with not winning big, especially when someone is benefiting from the bingo card purchases.

Bingo can make you more alert

It’s no secret that Bingo is a game popularized by senior citizens. And today, you’ll find Bingo nights dotting the calendars of senior centers and community center socials for the elderly. But the reason for that isn’t necessarily just because they love the game. It’s also because it can be good for the mind.

Recent studies show that Bingo games helped to improve thinking skills and memory in Alzheimer’s patients, and even those with Parkinson’s. Researchers at the University of Southampton discovered that Bingo players did better on memory, speed, and cognitive function tests than those who didn’t play the game. The results also showed that age wasn’t a factor.

More Bingo secrets are waiting for you online
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