Under The B: Will You Marry Me?

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Who says it’s just senior citizens that love to play live Bingo? It turns out Bingo is popular among the 20-year-old set and 30-somethings, too.

Over in Burnley in the UK, Sharon Harrison was celebrating her 30th birthday with her boyfriend Craig Hughes. While there was no telling if Sharon Harrison would pop a big jackpot on her big day, one thing was for sure. Craig would pop the question.

Craig arranged for Sharon to be called on stage to receive a box of chocolates in celebration of her birthday. When she went up to retrieve her birthday treat, Craig got down on one knee, popped open a ring box, and ask her for her hand in marriage.

The story here is amazing and inspiring, but one key thing stands out. Craig noted:

“Sharon enjoys going to the bingo with her dad, Stephen, on Thursday evenings. As she was celebrating her 30th that night, I decided to go along too, as well as our 20 family and friends who all knew that I was going to propose. I warned Sharon that her name was going to be called out during the draw to walk on stage to collect a box of chocolates for her birthday. Once she had collected the chocolates, I was invited on stage and I could see Sharon’s face going bright red.”

In that quote, we see that Sharon, who is in her ’30s, loves to play Bingo with her dad. While her father’s age isn’t noted, we can assume he’s in his 50s or 60s (possible even ’70s). The fact that Bingo is truly multi-generational is impressive.

We’re not entirely surprised. At 123BingoOnline.com, we see players of all ages compete in Bingo tournaments. The ages of our players range from 21 to folks in their ’80s, proof that Bingo has evolved to something bigger.

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