Four People Arrested For Operating Illegal Bingo Parlor


Do you have regular home poker games? Many people across the United States do, anteing up hundreds of dollars in one night. It’s a friendly game of poker, but in many states it’s actually not legal to do so. Still many people play without worrying about being prosecuted.

The same people who play home poker games know full well that it’s illegal to run a casino from your house. And 99.99% of people playing these poker games would never even think to hold a casino night.

But what about bingo? Is it illegal to play home bingo games? Can you run your own bingo parlor without worrying about breaking the law?

Not in most states. And definitely not in North Carolina. Under state law, you can only run what’s known as beach blanket bingo. That means bingo games without payouts of $10 or less per game.

Larger games are permitted, but they’re reserved for nonprofit groups. And they need to be licensed to offer the bigger prizes. If you hold a bingo night and pay out more than $50 without a license, that’s considered a felony.

Now, four people are facing charges for operating an illegal bingo parlor. Apparently, investigators spent over a month investigating the illegal parlor. We’re not sure what took so long to shut them down, but it finally happened.

If you’re wondering about the legality of online bingo, you should definitely check with your state laws before playing because it differs across the country.

You should know that it’s illegal to operate an online betting site from US shores, which is why most online bingo sites are based in countries where it’s 100% legal and often regulated.

Remember, the Internet is a big place and Americans enjoy freedoms that many countries in the world can only dream of. So review the rules and have fun playing bingo online. Just don’t operate your own site – or your own home bingo parlor for that matter.