3 key ways to avoid Bingo chat room meltdowns

innerways01262016Have you been to a Bingo chat room recently? With so many different personalities congregating in one place, and with the absence of human emotion when you type, things can get pretty heated, pretty quickly. Not necessarily at our Bingo chat room, but in all rooms offered by online Bingo sites. It’s not that people are inherently angry. No, people who play Bingo online tend to be some of the most caring, friendly people you’ll ever meet.

But with the absence of emotion through text, it’s easy for a simple, innocuous question to escalate into a hate-filled, angry tirade. Suddenly, a question about lucky numbers on Bingo cards can grow into a fight over why London is better than New York City, which then leads to heated discussions about a member’s lack education. And no one wants that.

Today, we’ve got three smart things you can do to avoid common Bingo chat room meltdowns. Not just your own meltdowns, but those of other Bingo players. We encourage you to read this, even if you think you’re not susceptible to breakdowns. Because it’s not just what you say. It’s how you respond and react that can make a world of difference.

Keep your superstitions in check

Did you know that 81% of Bingo players have superstitious beliefs? That’s not a pie in the sky number. In a study by Nottingham Trent University of superstitious beliefs among Bingo players, a good chunk of the 412 Bingo players who participated all had at least one superstitious belief. These beliefs included:

  • Not opening an umbrella indoors (49%)
  • Not walking under a ladder (55%)
  • Not putting new shoes on a table (60%)
  • Knocking on wood for good luck (50%)
  • Not passing others on a staircase (40%)

While these numbers aren’t that surprising, what is surprising is that only 10% transferred their superstitions to their Bingo experiences. That means that while the superstitions were an important part of their everyday life, superstitions weren’t that relevant while playing Bingo.

This is a great lesson for those who are extremely superstitious. Unfortunately, in Bingo chat rooms, some players think that chatting and winning go hand in hand. And those who chat more often may have a tendency to look for patterns while they chat. If they won a Bingo card after swearing in a chat room, they might be more inclined to swear more often. And that could lead to meltdowns should they not win, had they employed their superstitious tendencies.

Knowing that even the most superstitious Bingo players aren’t superstitious while they play can go a long way to help players stay on track in Bingo chat rooms.


A good chunk of Bingo chat room meltdowns are actually complete misunderstandings. In typical Three’s Company fashion (that’s the 1980s TV series where every episode revolved around some sort of misunderstanding), using ALL CAPS doesn’t always mean that someone is yelling. Half the time, the Bingo player using ALL CAPS accidentally had their caps lock on.

We’ve seen far too many players start a Bingo chat with their caps lock on, only to have other Bingo players get their backs up, asking questions like “Why are you yelling?” or telling them to “Calm down”. When you ask someone to calm down who is already calm, there’s a good chance they’ll quickly shift into defense mode. And a heated discussion could follow.

Stop complaining

Social media has changed the way we all get what we want. Before Facebook and Twitter, when you wanted to complain about a delayed flight or poor service from your phone provider, you had to write a letter, make a phone call, or send an email. And more often than not, your complaints fell on deaf ears. Why? Because no one could hear you complain except for you. But today, with Twitter and Facebook, your complaint is seen by millions. And if it’s a good complaint, people will share it to make sure that it gets noticed by everyone.

Actress Andie McDowell sparked a huge debate on social media after she complained on Twitter about being bumped from first class to coach on American Airlines. Many people called her spoiled, though in the end, she paid for a first class ticket for her and her dog. And she was bumped for inexplicable reasons. She was entitled to what she paid for, so it wasn’t a case of her being a spoiled celebrity.

There’s a lesson in all of this, though. Be careful when and where you complain. Voicing your concern about something related to your Bingo experience in a Bingo chat room is a definite no-no. If you have something to complain about, your best bet is through our customer service channels. Remember, Bingo chat room moderators are experts in social chats and games, not in listening to grievances.

What’s more, complaining in a Bingo chat room might lead to a lot of other Bingo players voicing conflicting opinions. We’ve seen people voicing legitimate complaints in Bingo chat rooms, only to have other Bingo players attack their credibility. So, in a nutshell, keep things positive.

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