Alternative Uses for Bingo Games

The concept behind bingo is extremely simple and easy to understand. That fact has allowed the game to become an excellent vehicle to be used in other ways. Its simplicity allows it to easily translate to be used for other purposes. In fact, one of the most common ways for bingo to be used is for educational purposes. Whether it is math or just a fun learning tool, it doesn’t take much to make the jump to turning bingo into an effective tool.

Since bingo is such a great educational tool, it has been utilized in classrooms in a variety of different ways. In addition, it has been used for many different suspects. One of the most common ways it is used is for teaching math. Using bingo to teach multiplication tables has been a common use for bingo.

Essentially, the game would work exactly like bingo, except that the players would have to match up your numbers on your cards as the answers to multiplication problems that are called out by the caller. Based on this, the card will typically exclude prime numbers. To add flexibility to the game, you can switch it up and use division problems instead of multiplication.

For math classes in lower grades, playing rounding bingo is a good way for children to quickly identify when and how to round. Basically, instead of calling out numbers, the caller will call out multiples of 10. The students will then mark off their card by rounding their own numbers to the closest 10. This is typically a fast paced game but is a lot of fun. Another early grade option is to have the numbers spelled out on the cards. This allows the students to learn spelling while playing the game.

The bingo board can be customized for almost any purpose. It can be designed for matching geography or just simple images. The teacher can call out questions, and the student has to match the answers to their board. The options are really limitless, as we have seen in the math versions. Some of the versions of the game can be as basic as simple questions.

In addition to educational gaming, bingo can be changed slightly to be used for more social type gaming. Party games can be developed used the bingo platform as the base. Adult themed games have grown in popularity and bingo inspired games have been used for that purpose. In some versions, truth or dare has been incorporated into the bingo card and bingo is simply used as the backdrop for the game. In other versions, the bingo card can be personalized to include people’s names and the questions tailored for the group. Again, what can be done to change bingo is only limited to one’s imagination.