90 Ball Bingo

Play 90 Ball Bingo for Extended Bingo Fun!

An absolute rage in Australia and Europe, the game of 90-ball Bingo finds many takers from the age group of 20 to 60. A game which is quite popular in places such as the United Kingdom and Ireland, Bingo offers three opportunities to win per session. In comparison with 75-ball Bingo, 90-ball Bingo provides quick and ceaseless action.

There are many online bingo games sites that offer this tremendously interesting game. The game is called 90-ball Bingo because that is the maximum number of balls that can be called in a session. It makes use of Bingo cards that have nine vertical columns and three horizontal rows. The game is really interesting because there is a distinct prize for every player that completes a single horizontal line, two lines, and/or finishes a full house.

More balls means more fun and more money

The cards used in 90-ball Bingo games have numbers that are spread out across three rows. Each of these rows has four blank spaces and five numbered spots. The numbered spots have digits ranging from 1 to 90. As far as the columns are concerned, the first one has digits from 1 to 10, the second column has numbers from 11 to 20, and so on until the ninth column.

The game proceeds when the dealer begins to call out numbers arbitrarily. Just like the way it's done in 75-ball Bingo, you have to mark each number called on your card. The goal of 90-ball Bingo is to achieve any or all of the three patterns and then shout out the word "Bingo!" to declare a possible win. Only after the dealer confirms the numbers on your card are you announced a winner.

Patterns in 90 ball bingo

90-ball Bingo has three essential patterns that include a one line, two line and full house. The first player who's able to complete a horizontal line wins one line pattern, the one to cross off two horizontal lines wins two lines pattern and, finally, the player hits full house when he/she finishes all three lines. Every bingo pattern has a different prize value that increases from one line to full house. The online bingo games are indeed exotic, enjoyable and you can make oodles of money easily.