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Uncovering the physical benefits of bingo


We all know that playing Bingo can be good for you wallet, if you are lucky and pay attention to the game that is. Drop down a couple bucks on a few Bingo cards and you could end up hitting the jackpot. Also we know that it can beneficial when it comes to becoming and aid to education for children too. But did you know playing Bingo actually comes with physical benefits? It's true. Playing live Bingo offers certain physical benefits that can truly make a change in your life, a really good one, and many of these benefits translate online. Let's take a look: Bingo stimulates the mind When we said physical benefits, we weren't just talking about muscles and abs. We're talking about the whole body, including the mind. And several studies have shown that Bingo can actually keep the mind sharp. This is particularly important for senior [...]

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82-year-old man slashes woman’s tires after losing Bingo seat


We knew Bingo was an incredibly heated game, especially when the race up to the Bingo caller is on. But believe us, we never thought it would come to this. An 82-year-old man in Florida has been arrested after slashing a woman's tires out of pure anger. The reason? He was upset that the woman was sitting in the Bingo seat he usually occupied at the local Bingo hall. We're not even making this up. Fred Smith has been charged with criminal mischief. That sounds like a fair charge considering what he did. The 82-year-old bingo player grabbed an ice pick and slashed 88-year-old Ethel Britt's minivan tires. It happened while she was playing a weekly bingo game at the Lake Ashton Retirement Community. The act was caught on surveillance and Smith has admitted to slashing the tires. He'll have to pay $500 in damages, plus possible restitution to the [...]

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The Best Foods for Bingo


Your bingo game needs more than just a few cards and some fancy prizes. If you expect players to stick around, they’re going to need something to eat! Deciding on the perfect menu for your bingo tournament can be difficult, but there are a few important things to keep in mind when weighing your options. First, bite-sized treats are never a bad idea. Prevent the unwanted distractions associated with full-sized meals by choosing quick snacking options. Second, try to keep it clean. We all love saucy foods, but your bingo game can get messy in a hurry if you aren’t careful. Finally, keep it neutral. Avoiding foods that are overly spicy or fragrant is a good way to keep your players focused on the game. Now that you know the basics, let’s take a look at a few of the best menu options for your bingo game. Popcorn Turn your [...]

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Beautiful Bingo Sets


We're an online Bingo site, so naturally we like to write about the kind of Bingo you play on your Mac or PC. But that doesn't mean we shy away from live Bingo. In fact, as fun as online Bingo is, we recommend powering down your computer and connecting with friends in your living room for an evening of live Bingo every now and then. But don't just grab one of those ordinary Bingo sets you can find at the dollar store or Walmart for $6. If you want to impress your Bingo-playing friends, grab a cool Bingo set that everyone will be talking about. Today, we bring you an impressive collection of Bingo sets and daubers that we think you'll love. Enjoy! Summer Troika Lacquer Box & Russian Bingo Gift Set This gorgeous Russian Bingo set features numbered kegs (which are much like Bingo balls), cards, and a cloth [...]

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British Pop Group Trades in Parties for Bingo on 2015 Tour


When it comes to partying between shows, British pop group Take That have had their fill. In the place of the wild and alcohol fueled parties of the past, the trio has turned to a brand new mode of entertainment to tide them over while on the road: bingo! “On days off we organize little events,” said Gary Barlow, the lead singer and primary songwriter of the popular band. “We did bingo and it went down a storm.” With three eager group members, 20 energetic dancers, an eight piece band and plenty of crew, Take That’s bingo parties have plenty of willing participants. While the specifics of the prizes weren’t released, it’s fair to say that the game was well received by the huge collection of players. The inclusion of bingo came naturally for Barlow, who started his career in show business as a bingo caller. With a bingo machine [...]

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Saying Goodbye to Quinte Bingo


Quinte Bingo Hall, a more than 30-year-old, well-loved bingo spot at 28 Roy Blvd. near Highway 62 in Belleville, Ontario, CA, closed up shop on Thursday, April 30, after years of financial woes caused by a variety of factors. Official Impact Since 2007, Quinte Bingo had been required to pay out 45 percent of all gross revenues after rule changes by Ontario's Alcohol and Gaming Commission. These changes scared off several sponsors and forced the hall to make more purchases without enough revenues. The amount of bills then increased every years while revenues decreased. These issues forced the Quinte Bingo to pay out smaller winnings, resulting in fewer players being attracted to the hall. Dwindling Traffic Over the last 15 years, attendance had dropped from more than 300 to 100 players. Beyond the negative impact on attendance from offering smaller prizes, General Manager Gary Short, who has worked at the [...]

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