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Bingo Tips to Start Off 2015


The Old Year has gone, and the New Year has finally arrived in full swing. The festivities have come and gone as well, and now everything is back to dull and normal. Dealing with the humdrum of normal everyday life again after all the fun holidays can prove to be difficult, for sure. Sometimes it is better to find something to distract your mind from the fact that it’s January again. For a bingo fan, this will most likely mean playing bingo. If that is your plan to wash away the beginning-of-the-year blues then we’ve got the games for you. Of course, the game of bingo is mainly based on the luck of the draw, but there actually are a few things that you can do to improve your game. Here are a few Bingo tips to start off 2015. Tip #1: Pick the games to play that have a [...]

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Get the most out of your deposit with the Wonderful 123Bingo’s Daily Cash Raffles


We know that bingo is a passion for all our players. There is something special about the simple little game of bingo that just keeps you coming back. Sometimes, though, it becomes even more special when there are other fun things going on that involve winning money in a whole different way. We offer daily cash raffles that are sure to liven up the day. It does not matter which day it is, you will surely have a rip-roaring, exciting time with the daily raffles. Each day 123Bingo adds a new luster and gleam to your gaming endeavors. This is done by providing a revitalizing dose of cash raffles ever day of the week. Each Daily Cash Raffle features 4 winners announced daily. All you have to do is deposit a small amount of money and you automatically get entered into the raffle. Moody Monday Everyone dislikes Mondays, right? It [...]

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Bingo Detective: Bingo Halls in Britain


Whenever there is a mystery to be unraveled, there is only one person to call. That is right, you call the Ghost Bust…I mean the Bingo Detective. If anyone has the slightest doubt, concern, intrigue, or fascination about anything related to Bingo, then the Bingo Detective is the man that will clear any doubt, disperse any concern, quell any intrigue, and stoke any fascination. The topic of curiosity today takes us across the giant lake a.k.a. the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the good old land of England. Bingo is such a jolly and social game that, of course, it is played all over the globe, but the question is what is it like? What are the people like, what is the scene like? So then, to start off the investigation, the official question is: “What are Bingo halls in Britain like?” The British Bingo Experience Bingo is a [...]

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Make the Most of Limited-Time Bonus Offers!


During these past weeks we’ve gotten not only a lot of parties, but also lots of expenses: Holiday dinners, fancy outfits and of course…presents for all of our loved ones. Sometimes all these things coming at you all at once make you forget other important things, and some of those important things, just like holidays, are only around for a short time. That’s right. I am talking about the limited-time bonus offers at 123Bingo! These limited-time bonus offers are hot deals that, like fresh, hot bread, go quickly. So make sure that you make the most of these bonuses before they are no more. New Bonuses At 123Bingo the list of new bonuses is constantly being refreshed and renewed. You have got to keep checking the new bonuses page to see what the newest and freshest bonuses are. Right now, we have for all you bingo and casino fans three [...]

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Woman banned from bingo hall. Charges: Reckless driving


Imagine being told you can’t play your favorite game, not because of what you do while the game is underway, but rather because of how you behave outside of the establishment where the game takes place. That’s exactly what’s happening to a 70-year-old woman in New Mexico. Evangeline Shelland has been playing bingo at the Fraternal Order of Eagles club in Alamogordo since 1985. That was the year the hit motion picture Back to the Future came out, for the record. We’re talking almost 30 years ago. But now, after receiving complaints from fellow bingo players that she drives too recklessly in the parking lot of the bingo hall, Evangeline has been told that she is no longer welcome to play bingo at the hall. Let’s be clear here. We’re talking about an elderly woman driving in a parking lot. What’s the definition of reckless here? Going 21 in a [...]

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Criminal robs elderly woman’s home while she’s out playing bingo


Add this to the “reasons to play online bingo at home” list. On Monday, December 8th, an elderly woman was out playing bingo in the United Kingdom as she does on a weekly basis. While she was out, thieves broke into her home and swiped £170 in cash, plus a lottery ticket. The woman, who wasn’t home at the time, was uninjured in the break-in, though the shock of returning home to find her home compromised likely caused some mental anguish. If you play bingo outside your house, you should take regular precautions when leaving the house. Invest in an alarm system. If you have a dog, that’s definitely helpful. It’s also a good idea to leave lights on when you leave, both in and outside your house. Invest in some timers to turn the lights on and off so it looks like you’re home. If you have WiFi light [...]

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