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Reasons Why You Should Be Playing Online Bingo


Many bingo fans are crossing the digital border and exploring the vast online bingo universe. Couple that with all the new bingo players that have gotten involved in the game through web ads, friend referrals or purely by chance, and you are looking at a 1.95 billion dollars empire. That’s crazy, huh? Yes, but it comes to no surprise when you look at the many pros that online Bingo has. Look at it this way, the fact that the digital bingo industry continues to increase clearly points out what a superb deal is for all the people involved. The truth is that the addition of the online element has utterly revolutionized the bingo game, and that is something that had not happen since the 1930s. The most evident change that happened with the incursion of Bingo into the cyberspace is the fact that Bingo enthusiasts are able to add a [...]

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Regulated Canadian casinos get new Bingo sites


When you think of the regulated online gaming market in North America, you think of New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware licensing online poker and casino sites to big land-based casinos. But that’s just regulated American gaming. The US tends to be a weird place, where offshore gambling sites that operate legally around the world are demonized so that the big casinos can profit. Yet online poker sites and casinos exist alongside the regulated sites (and more people are choosing the non-regulated sites anyway). Contrast that with Canada where regulated gambling means a couple provincial governments running their own online poker and casino sites. British Columbia and Quebec both offer gambling portals. North of the 49th parallel, the Canadian provincial governments haven’t attempted to shut down the internationally licensed casinos. Instead, they’ve decided to compete alongside them. Just take a look at the Ontario Lottery’s modernization plan website for proof. Under [...]

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How Bingo can boost your brainpower


Forget about reading. It turns out that to sharpen your mind, all you need are five letters. And they happen to be B-I-N-G-O. Yup, according to a famous study, playing Bingo is actually good for your brain. Now I’m not suggesting that you toss your Kindle in the trash. Reading is obviously a great way to sharpen your mind. But go ahead and add Bingo to the list of great brainpower-boosting tools. The study, done back in 2002 but worth mentioning again, shows that Bingo boosts the brain. Tests demonstrated that Bingo players were actually faster and more accurate than those who didn’t play Bingo in several different tests measuring mental speed, memory, and the ability to absorb information from what’s happening around them. This study is an interesting one because up until recently, it was thought that games like chess, bridge, and backgammon were the types of games that [...]

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Bingo detective: Inside the many different types of Bingo


As a bingo blogger and a bingo lover (I’m a poet too apparently), I am always searching for exciting new ways to add some pizzazz to my bingo play. After all, the player who masters all games can never be caught off guard… or something like that! So, as my new Bingo resolution (Bingolution? Ok, I’ll stop!), I have decided to play a different type of bingo every week until I am able to understand the rules of every single Bingo game out there. After doing a little research, these are the Bingo games I was most interested in trying, I thought I share some of the different Bingo varieties in case you want to give them a try! 90-Ball Bingo In the United Kingdom, this is the form of bingo that rules the land. The bingo card is composed of three rows of 5 numbers each that have 15 [...]

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Is spring the official season of Bingo crime?


At, we provide a safe online gambling experience. Whether you love Bingo or casino games, you’ll find loads of great options. And it’s safe. You don’t have to worry about getting robbed at gunpoint (well, we can’t guarantee you won’t, but if it happens, it’s not because you were playing Bingo). But that isn’t always the case in live scenarios, as our recent Bingo crime stories seem to reveal. Read on for the details. Man robs Bingo hall in Regina, Canada On Sunday, June 8th, a man armed with a pellet gun stood outside of a Regina, Saskatchewan (Canada) Bingo hall demanding money. When no one handed him the cash, he decided to move his quest for riches indoors. He walked into the Bingo hall, grabbed some cash off of a table, and left. He was arrested at the scene and charged with armed robbery. And while no one [...]

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Most popular no Bingo games at 123Bingo


Although we know that our 123Bingo family loves to visit our site because we have the highest paid and most varied bingo games in the cyber sphere, they have also discover other games that have captured their heart. A few weeks ago, we ran a quick Facebook poll (some of you might even remember answering it for us), and we asked you to name a few of your favorite games at 123Bingo Online. Although we thought at first it will include every type of game there is available, you guys proved your loved for online slots. The final results have come in fresh from the press: Get Cracking Yee-haw! This popular 5 reel slot machine has many of you going to the farm on a daily basis! The quaint slot machine makes you feel ready to hustle and bustle in the ranch and get paid in bushels. You are going [...]

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