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Is the bingo crime world run by women?


When it comes to live gambling, there’s crime. We’re not going to beat around the bush. Gambling often attracts people looking to make a quick buck, no matter who might be standing in their way. Yes, hundreds of millions of people around the world gamble honestly and do so for entertainment purposes only. But they don’t make the news. The ones who do are the people who try to scam the system. In the casino world, those people tend to be men. The guy who robbed Bellagio in Vegas on a motorcycle. The guy who brought counterfeit chips to a poker tournament and Bellagio and brought the event to a standstill. The group of men who robbed Caesars in Atlantic City this past July. All guys and all too common. So where are the women in all of this? Before you suggest they’re sitting at home behaving, I’ve figured out [...]

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Thunder Bay bingo hall modernizes operations with electronic format


The Thunder Bay Community Bingo hall is moving. And they’re not just moving locations. They’re also moving to the future. The club announced that they’re modernizing their bingo operations by making the move to an electronic format. “It’s no secret Bingo’s been on the decline for years,” noted Iris McCoy-Slongo, the Thunder Bay Community Bingo manager. “This is kind of a way to try and enhance the game [and] give it a new, a new whole look.” In just a few months, the bingo hall located in Northern Ontario, Canada, will find a new home at the old Tonic nightclub near the Super 8 motel. The property is being renovated from the ground up to accommodate its new home. In addition to modernize its operations by moving to an electronic bingo format, the new bingo club is also shortening the length of each bingo session from 2 hours to 4 [...]

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Finance worker is sent to jail for stealing money to play Bingo


Although the Bingo world is usually a very wholesome environment, sometimes I am reminded that, bingo, like any other money making activity, can become an unhealthy addiction if you do not possess any self-control. The case of Patricia Lomas is one of those examples of Bingo playing gone wrong. Lomas, a investment support manager at Ashburton Limited from the Channel Islands, stole more than 500,000 pounds (roughly 830,000 dollars) from her investor clients in order to fuel her online Bingo account. She lost all of her money playing online bingo and, in an act of desperation, started funneling money in the hopes that she would hit a jackpot and solved her cash flow problem. As a total, she lost £759,625 from her addiction. The most surprising fact was that £542,610 of it belonged to her clients. Plus, she squandered 26,000 extra pounds on dental work, laser eye surgery and a [...]

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Are Bingo Halls a Target for Crime?


Lately, there has been some sad news for different bingo halls. Once a place of tranquility, recently bingo halls have been directly or indirectly affected by crime. We have previously reported several instances of Bingo criminality and sadly, such news keeps appearing on our web feed. One thing is evident: Bingo security needs to increase if they want people to continue to go to play live bingo. Otherwise, I will just have to stay home and do all my bingo play at 123bingo. Not that I am complaining, I love to play online but I also like to go local and support my community. Here are the latest on a string of Bingo crime news: Trafficking Rifles A woman in Alamo named Yadira Garcia is facing 30+ years at a federal prison after she provided false information on firearms records and consequently acquired 5 assault rifles. Apparently, Garcia bought the [...]

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Man gets trapped in bingo hall, steals candy


Have you ever seen the movie Career Opportunities? It’s one of my favorite flicks of the 1990s. Most people barely remember what it’s about until you remind them that it’s the movie about a guy who gets locked in a Target department store with the woman of his dreams overnight. It’s a classic John Hughes movie starring the always-attractive Jennifer Conelly and some dude I can’t remember. All I know is that I dreamed of being him – at least for that one night. But I digress. That’s a story for another day. But it is relevant to today’s bingo story. A man in the UK found himself locked in a bingo club after falling asleep drunk the night before. When the cleaning crew found him in the morning, they also found that he had eaten a bunch of food and damaged a vending machine trying to break into it. [...]

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Coolest Bingo World Records


The Guinness World Records have been popular since the 1950’s by documenting all the exceptional cases in which people challenge ordinary expectations and play with the limits of the imaginable and possible. And bingo records are not the exception. Although there are a lot of bingo records online, there are only three official Guinness world records when it comes to Bingo. They should give you plenty of ideas if you want to challenge them or reach new bingo records of your own. Largest Game of Bingo A record that has stood strong since 2006, the largest game of bingo was officiated in Colombia as a publicity stunt of Éxito, a well-known shopping chain. The game was played on Bogotá, Colombia on December 2nd, 2006 and was attended by 70,080 players, who won over $250,000 in cash prizes plus apartment gifts and Éxito vouchers to spend in their stores. Largest amount [...]

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