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Interested In Winning Over $59,000 USD Playing Bingo?


Bringing home over $59,000 in winnings is a distinct possibility when you take part in the $59,500 Weekly Coverall Madness promotion! So, how does it work? It’s easy! Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways you can line your pockets with cold hard cash. The Special $1,000 Assured Progressive Jackpot is guaranteed to make someone a winner. Starting with a limit of 30 calls to win a game of Coverall Bingo, the minimum number of calls required to hit the jackpot will increase every single day until someone wins! You’ll want to enter every day in order to maximize your chances of taking home the big bucks. A card only costs $0.25 for this contest, so it’s a good idea to buy a few to maximize your chances. Somebody is going to take home the winnings sooner or later, and, with a little luck, it could be [...]

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What is Burlesque Bingo?

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This ain’t your grandmother’s game at the community center. Burlesque Bingo is a spicy twist on a gambling classic that features a host of talented bingo beauties providing all of the distractions you can handle. You’ll start your night by paying an entry fee and receiving a collection of traditional bingo cards. From there, things begin to take a different course from the bingo you’ve experienced in the past. Find a good seat, because you won’t want to miss the tantalizing action that awaits. The night’s host will proceed to lead the crowd through a collection of bingo games that offer a host of unique prizes, but the biggest prize on offer is the amazing experience. Unlike bingo games you’ve played in the past, the environment throughout an evening of Burlesque Bingo is likely to be loud and exciting. Intermissions between games are loaded with sexy stripteases and dance routines [...]

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Should Murderers Be Allowed In Bingo Halls?


Seems like an odd question, right? If you murdered someone, chances are you’d be in jail. At lease that’s how the justice system works in the United States, Canada, and the UK. But apparently in Italy, that’s not necessarily the case. A man under house arrest in Italy popped into a Bingo hall, much to the chagrin of the court system. Actually, scratch that. He wasn’t just a man. He was a convicted murderer. The story gets even stranger. He popped into a Bingo hall on the way home from work. I’m not sure how the Italy justice system works, but shouldn’t someone convicted of murder not live at home and have a job? Should he or she not be in the slammer? Perhaps the news item got a bit lost in translation. My Italian is limited to the names of a few Chicago-style pizza joints and some choice words [...]

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Cocaine-Selling, Bingo-Playing Granny And Other Bingo Stories Of The Week


We’ve heard of enjoying a Coke while playing Bingo, but this is just ridiculous. A 50-year-old grandmother has been fined €750 (about $870) for possessing cocaine with the intention to sell it. Helen Heaphy of Cork, Ireland was arrested last July for having cocaine on her person outside a bingo hall. The verdict spares her jail time. The coke-selling granny wasn’t the only Bingo crime story of the week. In keeping with our theme of unruly grandmothers making headlines, a 68-year-old woman in Florida was arrested for causing a disturbance in a suburban bingo hall. Julia Garabo of Delray Beach, Florida said she asked to speak to a manager after a group of women called her various names. But according to the manager, Garabo was yelling racial slurs at the group of women, which caused them to react. The manager asked Garabo to leave and requested the help of a [...]

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Slots Tournaments on Treasure Island


Tournaments sure are fun! It is always fun to sign up and pit your skills against the skills of other people. Besides, the whole point of 123Bingo is for all of our clients to have fun, is it not? Bingo tournaments or any kind of tournament, really, can be heaps of fun. Have you heard of 123Bingo’s Treasure Island? If you have not then you should check it out. In case you are looking to take a break from bingo and play something else for a change, then maybe the slots tournaments on Treasure Island are just the thing for you. Come and try out the slots tournaments on Treasure Island and add an extra spark to your 123Bingo experience. Since its Christmas, there is one thing you must be looking for, and that is extra – extra fun, extra excitement, extra magic, extra trill, and extra glossiness! That extra [...]

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Saginaw Man Used Counterfeit Bills at Bingo


It is definitely quite shameful if you feel you need to cheat a bingo hall. Bingo is all about fun, but if someone cheats or lies or something of the sort, it takes the fun completely out of it. In Bay City, Michigan a man from Saginaw, MI is facing a felony charge for allegedly using counterfeit bills at a bingo hall in Bay City. On Monday, January 5 at 7:45pm, police act in response to a call from the Village Hall located at 1338 N. Johnson Street. This bingo hall had ongoing bingo. The police was summoned by the workers of the Village Hall after observing one attendee purportedly passing counterfeit $20 bills. This is what the court records show. The bills were smaller than usual, police stated in their reports. This statement was passed on to the court records. The officers wrote in their reports that three of [...]

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