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How Many BB’s Can I Get from Chat Games?


Bonus Bucks, or BB’s for short, are a nice little way to get more out of your money. You can acquire Bonus Bucks in two different ways. You can earn them by participating in a chat game, or you can earn them as a result of a promotion. Surely, every player on 123Bingo wants to and has taken advantage of this great feature. But, in case there are some doubts, let’s take a moment to stop and talk about these Bonus Bucks and clear up any clouds of uncertainty there might be on this topic. Bonus Bucks, as previously stated, can be won and accumulated from promotions and from participating in chat games. You are welcome to try to earn as many Bonus Bucks as you can, but there are some restrictions that everyone should be wary of. When we hear the word restriction, we automatically think negatively. Do not [...]

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Family’s love of Bingo brings game to east coast fairs


Cotton candy. Chili cook-offs. Ferris wheels. And now you can add Bingo to the list of county fair staples. If you happen to hit various fall county fairs across the US over the next month or two, you might come across a red, blue, and yellow tent. Quiet on the outside, you can’t help but feel the energy as you step through the tent’s entrance-way. It’s a traveling Bingo hall – and the oldest one at that. Over the last few weeks, Harry’s Bingo has crisscrossed the United States, traveling to Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Vermont, and Maryland. Right now, they’re in Cleveland, but soon they’ll pack up the tent, bingo daubers, and cards, and head to South Carolina and Georgia. For a minute there, it looked like Harry’s Bingo, which had been a Cleveland County Fair attraction for the last 35 years, wasn’t going to be back for 2014. Marlin [...]

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Bingo! The Winning Musical


If you are into bingo, and you are into musicals, then I have a great little show to recommend especially for you. This interactive musical takes the simple little grandma gambling game and turns it into an entire comic drama with laughs galore. Stoking most of its fire from the formidable, talented, and hearty cast, Bingo! is a must see for anyone and everyone who loves a good, wholesome, interactive laugh. The story begins on a dark and stormy night. Not a very typical atmosphere for a comic musical, huh? Regardless, this storm, or hurricane rather, forms a strong semiotic element for a broken friendship between two of the main characters, Vern and Bernice. Once the best of friends, a flashback in the plot demonstrates to the audience how the two storm up their unbreakable relationship. The bingo quartet was originally made up of Vern,—the rather rough-around-the-edges, robust, crusty, yet [...]

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The deal with Bingo slots


If you’re like me, there’s no better way to spend a Sunday night than playing Bingo with your favorite online friends. At, we make it easy to get in on a Bingo game, no matter what time of day or night it is. But many of our new players are shocked at what they find the first time they log in to play Bingo. While that next Bingo card is a click or two away, players are introduced to a world of Bingo slots the second they log in. Yes, while we’re a very big online Bingo site, we’ve also built a reputation as a popular Bingo slots provider. We offer a number of different online Bingo slots, so today we’re going to walk you through them. One Line Slots Remember the old slot machines you’ve probably seen on TV, or in Atlantic City or Las Vegas? They’re [...]

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Man with Tourette’s syndrome gets kicked out of Bingo hall


Can you imagine being banned from a Bingo hall because you had a disease or disorder of some sort? I can understand if it was Ebola or something pretty contagious, but any other disease and the world would be fuming. But that didn’t stop one Bingo hall in the UK for banning a player with Tourette’s syndrome. 23-year-old Louis Bunn was asked to leave a Bingo hall in the UK due to his involuntary tics. If you’re not familiar with Tourette’s syndrome, it’s an affliction that causes a person to have involuntary tics. In many cases, those with Tourette’s syndrome swear uncontrollably and appear disruptive. However, many go on to lead normal lives and have successful careers. Dan Aykroyd, the famous Canadian actor who is arguably best known for his role in the hit motion picture Ghostbusters, was diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome. And former Philadelphia Phillies outfielder has Tourette’s syndrome. [...]

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Fun Bingo facts people don’t even know about


The next time you sit down to play Bingo, you won’t be just playing a game. You’ll be participating in a cultural phenomenon filled with mystery, superstition, and general lunacy. We’re not kidding. Read on for some really fun Bingo facts most people don’t even know about. The term ‘Bingo’ seems so ubiquitous now, but the game was actually called Beano back in the day. Rumor has it the name was change when an overjoyed Beano winner accidentally screamed Bingo when he hit a row of numbers. Rather than make fun of him, they just changed the name. Makes sense. Think you go crazy trying to solve a math problem? Carl Leffler, a math professor at Columbia University, went insane after coming up with 6,000 number combinations for the game of Bingo. Bingo become incredibly popular after churches began using it to raise money for their congregations. We get it. [...]

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