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Republican Debate Marks the Return of Debate Bingo


We all know that bingo can be a lot of fun, but the question for the ages is just how fun can it be? Is it entertaining enough to make a cow’s bathroom habits can’t-miss excitement? If you think the answer’s no, then you obviously didn’t hear about last month’s big cow pie bingo extravaganza! Earlier this week, however, the classic game was once again put to the test in what has traditionally been one of the least entertaining subjects around: politics. That’s right! Just in time for the U.S. Republican party debates, news agencies across the country dusted off the bingo card generator and added a kick of excitement to the night’s festivities. It was a fantastic opportunity to invite over a few friends and enjoy the majesty of Donald Trump’s world-famous ‘doo while pondering the possible effects of foreign policy and immigration reform. While political enthusiasts and bingo [...]

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Origins of Bingo Slots


We all love bingo, but sometimes all that daubing can really feel like too much, right? Well, that’s where bingo slots really fit the bill for having a great time. Imagine a game that combines all of the visual candy and excitement of traditional slot machines with the universal rules of bingo in a way that allows players to enjoy a relaxing gaming experience without the need for a full crowd of competitors. The game on your mind is bingo slots in a nutshell. While bingo has been a mainstay in gambling houses dating back for centuries, slot machines are a relatively new phenomenon. While the spinning reels and dinging bells certainly have their own sort of charm, the rules are relatively unknown outside of the casino. Sure, you know you need a pattern, but figuring out which patterns you need is another story. If that’s not enough, the invention [...]

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UK woman wins £250,000 playing Bingo


A huge congratulations are in order to Mrs. Maclean of the United Kingdom. She just scooped up an impressive £250,000 playing Bingo. It happened on September 7th during the National Bingo game at Apollo Bingo in Rhyl, UK. The UK Bingo player had been enjoying Bingo at the Apollo for about 5 years, but she’s been playing Bingo for more than half a century. While the £250,000 is a big deal, perhaps an even bigger part of the story is that Mrs. Maclean has been playing for more than 25 years. At 44 years old, that means she has been playing Bingo since she was 19 years old. While we subscribe to the 21-or-over rule at, we recognize that there are many jurisdictions around the world where you can play Bingo at just 18 or 19 years old. While this win didn’t happen online, it does highlight the point [...]

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Decade’s old Bingo cheating story still unsolved


You don’t hear too many cases of people cheating at Bingo. The game is a lot different than other casino games. Bingo games typically have frequent winners, but the size of the prizes are much smaller than they would be at other casino games like progressive slots. Those games pump out fewer winners over time, but the scores are much higher. Bingo also pits player vs. player while slots and other casino games pits players against the house. The allure of beating the house has prompted people to try and cheat the house while avoiding cheating out other players. But there is one Bingo cheating story that happened almost a decade and a half ago. And that story is still unsolved. Brett Keeton was a programmer who worked for a company called GameTech. Back in 2002, they made what’s called a minder. It’s an electronic system that keeps track of [...]

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The Top Reasons why People Love Bingo


The worldwide love affair with the classic game of bingo isn’t just going strong, it’s picking up steam like never before! All over the world, people continue to turn to bingo as a way to relax, socialize, educate their young ones and test their luck. There are plenty of reasons that bingo has established itself as a dominant force in the entertainment market, and we’re going to take a closer look at a few of those reasons right now. While go through this list we also invite you to analyze exactly makes you a bingo lover... Simple Rules Don’t get us wrong; games with complicated rules and strategies are all well and good when you want to put your skill to the test. Sometimes, though, you just feel like kicking back and putting your mind at ease. Bingo is a great option for these occasions, because the rules of this [...]

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The First Bingo Hall


These days, bingo halls are practically everywhere. From small towns to major cities and everywhere between, bingo fever has spread around the globe, and it’s shown no signs of slowing down in the years to come. Over the years, the formula for bingo halls has been refined and adjusted to meet the specific needs of bingo enthusiasts. Today, you’ll probably notice plenty of similarities in the layout and offerings of bingo establishments no matter where your hobby may lead. This wasn’t always the case, however. Way back when, when the iPhones were made of wood and the only web was the kind made by spiders, someone, somewhere had a brilliant idea to take bingo out of the backrooms and basements and establish the world’s very first bingo hall. Unfortunately, no scribes were present to document this momentous event, so we’re left to postulate what we believe this glorious establishment may [...]

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