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Woman Uses Bingo to Support Local Charities


Played around the globe, bingo has made its mark as both an entertaining pastime and a worthwhile fundraising tool. Just ask English citizen Hazel Phillippo, who recently retired after a long career of hosting bingo events to raise money for some excellent causes. Over the last few years, Phillippo has held prize bingo sessions in her church hall, inviting all comers to test their luck in search of tasty prizes. She estimated that the events had raised nearly $300,000 for her village’s youth club, in addition to countless donations to other charities and services. Phillippo stated that she has been running similar bingo games for a quarter of a century, and, along with her helpers, she raised thousands for good causes in surrounding areas. The most recent donations include those to local churches and community centers, as well as not-for-profit health organizations that make a positive impact in the area. [...]

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The big benefits of Team Bingo


There's no 'I' in 'Team'. But there is an 'I' in 'Team Bingo'. Confused about what we're talking about? Team Bingo? Isn't Bingo an every-man-for-himself type of game? Yes and no. If you're used to playing at traditional Bingo halls, then yes, Bingo is all about being selfish, finishing that Bingo card on your own, and being the first to call Bingo as you race towards the Bingo caller, hoping no one else beats you to it. But online, and at some of the newer Bingo halls around the world, Team Bingo is very real. And it's very popular. Team Bingo is exactly what it sounds like. It's Bingo as part of a team. Instead of playing on your own, you're playing in a group. For the most part, everyone gets their own Bingo cards. And in most Team Bingo games or tournaments, you play just as though you're playing [...]

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Crazy Ways to Yell Bingo


Bingo is a relatively simple game to understand. A caller announces a selection of letter and number combinations that correspond to squares on the players’ cards. When one player gets a specific pattern of these squares covered, he or she wins. While all of this is straightforward, there is one area of bingo in which there is plenty of room for personalization and creativity: announcing the victory. Announcing a victory in bingo is completed by screaming the word ‘bingo’ as loudly as possible to let the whole room know that you are the champion. While the majority of players stick to the basics when proclaiming their triumph, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of fun, crazy ways to yell bingo if you’re in the mood for a little theatrics. A Historic Announcement Any bingo historian could tell you that, in the early 20th century, bingo was referred to as [...]

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Boston Mayor Uses Bingo to Jumpstart Local Business


Excessive snowfall has plenty of negative effects. From disrupting traffic to causing problems with utilities, not every result is as enjoyable as the famous day out of school. One side effect that you may not have considered, however, is the intense pressure that blizzards can place on local economies, particularly in the case of locally owned and operated businesses. With over 100 inches of snowfall in less than a month, businesses throughout Boston were beginning to feel the effects, as consumers throughout the metropolis stayed home out of the cold instead of frequenting the city’s multitude of shops and restaurants. In order to get people back into the swing of things, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh announced “Boston Bingo”, which served as a way for residents and visitors to win awesome prizes for supporting the local economy. By picking up a bingo card at businesses around Main Street districts or printing [...]

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Young People and Bingo


Bingo has developed a bit of a reputation over the years. If the name of the game conjures up images of retirement homes and grandparents in your mind, you aren’t alone. Despite this generalization, the fact is that bingo is increasingly becoming a favorite among young people. The rising popularity can be attributed to a few of bingo’s more appealing features: easy to understand rules, an equal chance of winning for all players and, most importantly, a nearly limitless supply of fun tweaks to customize the game for the target audience. Bingo at School When we say bingo is popular among young people, we don’t just mean young adults. Elementary schools have been advantaging the simple game for years as a learning tool to make educating youngsters more exciting. Filling the bingo cards with math equations and calling out the solutions, for example, requires students to understand their lessons in [...]

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Big push to support charity gets Bingo players excited


It's no secret that various charities use Bingo to help reach their initiatives. In many cases, some of the money goes to operating the Bingo night and not a ton of cash ends up reaching the charity. But the story we just came across melts our hearts. Friends of a University Lutheran Center student in North Fargo put together a Bingo night in her name. Dubbed 'Bingo For Boller' the Bingo night was put in with the sole focus of helping university student Kassandra Boller, who recently required invasive brain surgery. The friends wanted to help Kassandra and her family with the costs associated with surgery. The group hoped to raise money through the Bingo night, but they also set up a special GoFundMe page for those who couldn't attend. If you are inspired by this story, check it out here. It's not just individual people getting together to create [...]

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