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Under the B…Burger!


I have two loves in life: Bingo and Hamburgers. All right, all right. Don’t tell my significant other. If she finds out she didn’t make the list, I’ll be sleeping on the couch tonight. But that’s cool. After spending a typical night out eating burgers and playing Bingo, I usually plop myself down on the sofa, turn on the TV to pretty much anything, and fall asleep. Making my way to the bedroom is never in the cards. So imagine my surprise just last week when I came across a news story that involves two of my biggest loves: BINGO BURGER! Yup, this is a real restaurant. If you don’t live in Colorado, you’ve probably never heard of it. The original Bingo Burger sits in Pueblo, Colorado, but on August 21st, the newest location in Colorado Springs, Colorado opened its doors to much fanfare. I had the opportunity to make [...]

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The best games to play on Labor Day


Looking for something fun to do this Labor Day? You could hang out and watch TV. You could clean out the garage. You could get that one last day in at the beach. Those are all great ideas, but every Labor Day, we see a spike in traffic at with folks looking to make a little money and have some fun doing it. There are lots of great games to play at, so if you’re looking for something cool to do, consider our favorite Labor Day Bingo picks, sign up for a free account, and get cracking. Bingo Tournaments Who says you have to work hard to make a killing? Labor Day, despite its name, is all about sitting back and relaxing. But you can still make cash by playing in a Bingo Tournament. Simply pay your buy-in fee and starting playing Bingo once the tournament begins. [...]

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Cutest Bingo Cards for Kids


You got to admit it; Bingo is a game that never gets old! One of the things that I love the most about it is that is so versatile that it can be used for a lot of activities. From office parties, bridal showers to binge watching, a fun bingo game can be invented. However, I am most thankful for how much a simple game of bingo can entertain the little ones of the house. When I had to babysit my brothers and cousins, I always ended up printing some cards quickly and organizing a bingo event to have them sit down for a while before my head exploded. And every time I did it, it worked like a charm. It cost me quite a few candy bars and ice cream sandwiches as jackpot but believe me it was totally worth it (at the end, I gave one to each, [...]

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Is the bingo crime world run by women?


When it comes to live gambling, there’s crime. We’re not going to beat around the bush. Gambling often attracts people looking to make a quick buck, no matter who might be standing in their way. Yes, hundreds of millions of people around the world gamble honestly and do so for entertainment purposes only. But they don’t make the news. The ones who do are the people who try to scam the system. In the casino world, those people tend to be men. The guy who robbed Bellagio in Vegas on a motorcycle. The guy who brought counterfeit chips to a poker tournament and Bellagio and brought the event to a standstill. The group of men who robbed Caesars in Atlantic City this past July. All guys and all too common. So where are the women in all of this? Before you suggest they’re sitting at home behaving, I’ve figured out [...]

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Thunder Bay bingo hall modernizes operations with electronic format


The Thunder Bay Community Bingo hall is moving. And they’re not just moving locations. They’re also moving to the future. The club announced that they’re modernizing their bingo operations by making the move to an electronic format. “It’s no secret Bingo’s been on the decline for years,” noted Iris McCoy-Slongo, the Thunder Bay Community Bingo manager. “This is kind of a way to try and enhance the game [and] give it a new, a new whole look.” In just a few months, the bingo hall located in Northern Ontario, Canada, will find a new home at the old Tonic nightclub near the Super 8 motel. The property is being renovated from the ground up to accommodate its new home. In addition to modernize its operations by moving to an electronic bingo format, the new bingo club is also shortening the length of each bingo session from 2 hours to 4 [...]

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Finance worker is sent to jail for stealing money to play Bingo


Although the Bingo world is usually a very wholesome environment, sometimes I am reminded that, bingo, like any other money making activity, can become an unhealthy addiction if you do not possess any self-control. The case of Patricia Lomas is one of those examples of Bingo playing gone wrong. Lomas, a investment support manager at Ashburton Limited from the Channel Islands, stole more than 500,000 pounds (roughly 830,000 dollars) from her investor clients in order to fuel her online Bingo account. She lost all of her money playing online bingo and, in an act of desperation, started funneling money in the hopes that she would hit a jackpot and solved her cash flow problem. As a total, she lost £759,625 from her addiction. The most surprising fact was that £542,610 of it belonged to her clients. Plus, she squandered 26,000 extra pounds on dental work, laser eye surgery and a [...]

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