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How to spot illegal bingo games


Too many people take online bingo for granted. Since it's so easy to fire up your Mac or PC and grab a few bingo cards, most people assume it's just as easy in the real world. Unfortunately, while online bingo sites are licensed internationally and serve players on a global scale, live bingo halls need to adhere to the laws of a certain state or country. And not all bingo game providers offline are legit. If you're concerned whether the bingo game you're about to play is illegal, follow these tips for spotting illegal bingo. Find out what charity they support Most bingo halls that are run throughout the United States exist to support charity. It's not just the nice thing to do. It's the law. Most states that allow bingo games restrict them to charity bingo. That means when you play bingo games at a bingo hall, the proceeds [...]

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Under the B…beer! College bar hosts ridiculously fun weekly bingo night


Do you remember your college days? I do. At least parts of it. Wednesday and Thursday nights were usually a blur, mostly induced by a seemingly endless flow of alcohol and bar hopping. Let me be clear that I went to college in the UK where you can drink at 18. So don't think I'm condoning under-ages liquor consumptions in the United States. Anyway, I digress. This isn't about pub night or bar hopping. This is about bingo. Actually, it's about both. Back in my day (I'm starting to sound like an old grandpa here but I assure you I'm not) hitting the bars and clubs meant drinking, possibly dancing if you were in the mood, and venturing to another bar for more drinking. In addition to the drinking, you'd probably take part in some eating. That was pretty much it. Beer pong wasn't that big of a deal where [...]

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Under the G…Granny: The story of the world’s most famous Bingo Granny


If you ever find yourself in Oklahoma on business or pleasure, we recommend not bothering to rent a car, especially if you're a Bingo fan. Instead, just connect with Maxine Stinson, the world-famous Bingo Granny. Maxine Stinson earned the nickname Bingo Granny when she appeared on David Letterman. Yup, as in the host of The Late Show with David Letterman. That guy. Needless to say, Stinson is a big deal. And rightly so. The 87-year-old is probably one of the most passionate Bingo players, not just in Oklahoma, but on the planet. Like a lot of 87-year-olds, Bingo Granny loves to play Bingo. But unlike most bingo playing folk, her top goal is to get seniors out to the Bingo hall. Through her bus tours to Bingo halls, she promotes the game and gets people excited about one of America's most cherished pastimes. Bingo Granny doesn't just take seniors to [...]

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100-year-old woman attributes long life to playing Bingo


Is Bingo the fountain of youth? After hearing about Milly Smith in the UK, I think so. The 100-year-old woman has just received a letter from the Queen of England to commemorate her 100th birthday, but we're thinking of sending her a congratulatory present ourselves after hearing how she achieved this incredible milestone. For more than 30 years, Milly Smith has headed out to play Bingo with new friends and old. And she attributes the game for helping her live a long life. How big a deal is Bingo in her life? Well, to celebrate her 100th birthday, she hit a bingo hall with her sons. So what's the deal here? Can Bingo actually help you live a long life? While we don't have any scientific evidence to back it up, there's lots of anecdotal evidence and some related scientific proof that support it. Playing Bingo keeps your mind sharp [...]

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What are 123BingoOnline Reward Points?


Unlike other online gaming destinations, 123BingoOnline believes in giving its players the rewards they deserve! Complete with a multi-level program, every player, regardless of how often they make a deposit, has a chance to exchange reward points for something they’ll love. So, would you prefer amazing bonuses on future deposits, unbelievable gifts or a personalized mix of the two? Anyway you choose to use your reward points, you’re going to like the outcome! To start accumulating points, all you need to do is make a deposit into your 123BingoOnline account. If you make a $25 deposit, you can expect one reward point, but remember to check the scale. By doubling your deposit to $50, you can pick up five times the points and immediately be eligible for your first redemption! The reward point totals keep getting better as the deposit totals increase. Earn 15 points on a $100 deposit, 35 [...]

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How do you Withdraw Money from 123 Bingo Online?


So, you’ve hit it big, and you’re ready to make your first withdrawal from 123 Bingo Online? That’s great! Our simplified withdrawal process makes getting paid a breeze. First things first, in order to make a withdrawal, you will need to have made a deposit into your account within the last 60 days. This lets us know that your account is active. If you’ve got that covered, you’ll be able to make a withdrawal of $100 or greater from 123 Bingo Online once per seven day period. In total, you’re allowed to withdraw up to $1,250 per week, or $5,000 per month. Now, since this is your first time, we’ll need you to send us some documentation to ensure that your winnings always go to the correct person. Similar to our requirements for deposits, we’ll need a copy of your identification card, a utility bill to prove your address, front [...]

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