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Coolest Bingo World Records


The Guinness World Records have been popular since the 1950’s by documenting all the exceptional cases in which people challenge ordinary expectations and play with the limits of the imaginable and possible. And bingo records are not the exception. Although there are a lot of bingo records online, there are only three official Guinness world records when it comes to Bingo. They should give you plenty of ideas if you want to challenge them or reach new bingo records of your own. Largest Game of Bingo A record that has stood strong since 2006, the largest game of bingo was officiated in Colombia as a publicity stunt of Éxito, a well-known shopping chain. The game was played on Bogotá, Colombia on December 2nd, 2006 and was attended by 70,080 players, who won over $250,000 in cash prizes plus apartment gifts and Éxito vouchers to spend in their stores. Largest amount [...]

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Is this 1983? Canadian town brings back Televised Bingo


If you could travel back to the 1980s and got to ask Bingo players what they thought the future of Bingo looked like, someone would probably come up with Television Bingo. After all, it was the 1980s that people conjured up ideas of videophones. Yes, we have things like Skype and FaceTime today. But back then, people would imagine a video screen attached to a traditional looking telephone as the future of communications. So something like Television Bingo would be a great guess. Instead of having to go to a Bingo hall, you’d simply turn on your TV and play Bingo with your pre-bought bingo cards in hand. Completing a card would net you a win. Remember, this is before the Internet – and well before online Bingo – so this totally seems logical. It doesn’t, however, make much sense today. But that isn’t stopping one Canadian town from bringing [...]

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Don’t let Local Bingo Die!


Lately, I have been hearing a lot of news about bingo halls being closed down in a number of communities across the U.S. and, to tell you the truth, I am seriously bummed out about it. Why? Well, it is not because I love bingo, but because bingo events are one of the last collective activities that actually worries about giving back to the community and helping those people in need. When I go to live bingo events, even if I do not win a penny, I always leave with a smile in my face knowing that I have cooperated to make other lives a little bit easier. Bingo has saved schools, has taken native communities out of poverty, and has even helped little children with their reading difficulties. These stories prove how bingo is truly a transforming force in the community: 44 years of keeping classrooms open In the [...]

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New York Bingo is on its way out?


Bad news for Bingo lovers in the big apple! Sadly, it seems like Bingo halls might soon find themselves going out of business. According to Gannett’s Albany Bureau, there has been a dramatic drop in the organizations creating Bingo events and the amount of people that is attending them. As a consequence, for most bingo establishments, the revenues have dropped to half and even a third of what they usually were. The main cause of this substantial drop seems to be that Bingo halls can’t simply compete with the dazzle of all the neighboring casinos and the state lottery. John Sabini, the former president of the racing and Wagering board says that “[p]eople tend to like more excitement in their gambling dollar, whether it’s the penny slot machines … to ‘Wheel of Fortune’ … Bingo is much lower tech then people seem to want from their dollar.” I can see [...]

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Worried about Bingo crime? Stay home and play online instead


File this under Good Reasons to Play Online Bingo: Five people in the UK were charged after a man and a woman were shot and wounded at a bingo hall. The incident happened back on January 12th, but the five suspects were only recently caught. Police were originally called by a local hospital after the pair arrived on foot. They had been shot outside of Gala Bingo in the Harpurhey shopping district at around 7:15pm. The woman had an elbow injury and the male victim suffered a hand wound. News this week that five suspects were caught is a relief to players who had frequented the Bingo hall. While no incident had been reported after the shooting, it still left people feeling a bit frightened. Scott Calder, 22, of Moston, Dale Hall, 29, of Harpurhey, Paul Andrews, 25, of Moston, Ryan Hayes, 25, of Manchester and Jack Biernat, 27, of [...]

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Let’s play the Comic-Con Bingo!


Finally, a bingo game has arrived that combines my two great passions: Bingo and Comic Characters. Ever since my brother gave me his worn-out copy of X-men, I have been a fan of comic books. From that moment on, I officially joined the geek army and now a have a nice little collection of comic books and some action figures my friends have given to me and some I have bought myself. Now, as an adult, nothing takes me back to my childhood days as reading a new comic or going to the movies and seeing all the new superhero flicks that are so popular these days. I wear my geek batch with pride because I think that keeping your inner child alive is always a good way to momentarily decompress from all the pressures of adult life (besides playing a nice few rounds of online Bingo of course!). Shows [...]

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