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Interesting Bingo News From The World


This week, there’s a lot going on in bingo news. While most of the interesting stuff is happening offline, online bingo does come into play. Wherever you like to scream, “Bingo!”, this week’s stories could affect you, so read on. From a great outlook from an important project which thrives to mix live bingo and efforts to improve senior citizens health in Georgia, through a significant drop in attendance at Bingo Halls in Indiana, up to a positive solution presented by a Canada province to make sure Bingo continues to be a profitable and alluring entertainment choice, specially for youngsters… there is plenty to inform about today! Bingo can improve the health of senior citizens The headline might seem a bit odd at first glance. Sure, we all know that fruits and veggies are good for us. So is daily exercise. But bingo? Seems like a bit of a stretch. [...]

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Bingo Scary Stories


I’m sure you have also heard many of them. Those scary stories that stick to people and they can’t seem to stop themselves from sharing them. If you have ever been part of a bingo hall, you might have heard a few scary stories. Almost every bingo hall I’ve ever been to, has always entertained me with some kind of urban legend. We asked our members to send us scary bingo stories that they might have heard from fellow bingo players or stories that they might have experienced themselves. Check them out, because at least two of them really got me spooked. If you have stories to tell us, don’t hesitate to send them our way! Loving Bingo…Forever “I work part time as a janitor in the Community Center of the town where I have lived all of my life. I won’t say the name of the town, because we’re [...]

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What Happens When Bingo Hits the TV?


It’s not news that bingo has been on TV for a while and that bingo shows around the world, have indeed become people’s choice for entertainment amongst other things. We are lucky that our favorite game has become so popular that nowadays we can even stay home to play it like if we were at the bingo hall. But this post is about unexpected results or funny stories that have developed from bingo being on TV. I always find it interesting when stories grow due to media exposition and many domino effects take place. In this case, bingo is not the exception. Super Bowl Bingo Due to exposure on a talk show, a bingo game created by a family for this past Super Bowl, became a great economic success for the family. The Live with Kelly & Michael television talk show highlighted the game during the show’s segment on Football [...]

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British grandmother pops £115,000 bingo jackpot


We love a feel-good bingo story. And at, we pump out a lot of winners every day. Bingo fans can play from the comforts of home and enjoy great bingo games for fun or real money. And while we love online bingo, we still love live bingo. We love the social aspect of it. We love the smell of freshly printed bingo cards and brightly colored ink daubers. And we love to hear people scream “Bingo!” live and in person. Once place we would have loved to be was the UK, where just this week 74-year-old Pat Alcock won £115,000 playing bingo. The Mecca Bingo hall she was playing it was participating in the National Bingo Game. Essentially, the game is kind of like a hybrid between live bingo and online bingo. You physically play bingo in a live setting, but your hall is linked with a number of [...]

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Bingo News: Pantsless man storms bingo hall


If you play online bingo, then you know that you have the luxury of playing bingo wearing whatever your heart desires. A tux, if you want. A t-shirt and jeans. Sweatpants. No pants. Naked, if that’s your thing. Honestly, we don’t judge. And neither does anyone else you’re playing with because they can’t see you. And there’s a good chance they’re doing the same thing. That’s the luxury of playing online bingo. Anywhere. Any time. Wear anything. Or nothing. Unfortunately, every once in a while, people get online bingo and live bingo confused. And then insanity—or hilarity—ensues. Case in point? Consider what happened in Louisville Kentucky back on December, 26, 2013. It was the day after Christmas and like many cities in America, people had a little extra time off to enjoy life. Bingo fans headed over to a Bingo hall in the 9200 block of Blue Lick Road to [...]

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The most surreal bingo game ever – Adults Only


My life has just changed in the most peculiar and….I will have to say odd way possible, all thanks to something I found online, let me fill you all in: Apparently, I will repeatedly lick horny soggy dresses at some point today. This is bizarre, not just because the phrase itself is odd. But also because, really, why would I repeatedly lick something so soggy? And a dress, no less? Is this dress made of chocolate? Is there a person inside? So many unanswered questions. Confused? Wondering if this online bingo blog has been hijacked by some anti-bingo group looking to mess with the site? Don’t worry. is safe is secure. The blog post you’re reading has everything to do with bingo. So what’s the deal? Well, this morning, I came across a crazy-addictive interactive bingo card fortuneteller game. You can find it here:—and here’s how it works: [...]

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