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How to Use for your Halloween Party


Playing bingo in the real world sure is a lot of work. With a big Halloween party on the books, do you really want to be stuck searching for bingo balls, cards and daubers for all of your invited guests? Then there’s the issue of selecting someone to call the numbers. Who wants to miss out on all the fun by announcing numbers all night? While this issue may have derailed Halloween parties of yesteryear, there’s great news for today’s party-throwers. is the perfect way to inject your party with a little bit of bingo fever without all of that dreaded prep work. Join the House of Horrors at 123BingoOnline to get your Halloween off to a great start. Sure, there will be plenty of cash, freebies and bonuses to enjoy, but you’ve got to check out the special Halloween chat games. We’re in the spirit for a spooktacular [...]

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Pensioner wins a free luxury cruise playing Bingo


We crown a lot of winners at, but we get just as excited hearing about people winning big playing live Bingo. After all, nothing makes us happier than knowing that the live Bingo world is thriving just as much as the online world. To us, live Bingo is good for online and vice versa. On the weekend, we heard one such story. Rosemary Anne Jones, a 73-year-old pensioner, has won a cruise by visiting a bingo Hall in Wrexham, UK. The best part? She didn’t actually win it playing Bingo. She won it as part of the Wrexham Bingo Hall promotion. Every player who entered the hall received a scratch ticket and it turns out Jones was the big winner. Commented Jones on her win: “I couldn’t believe my luck, so much so I didn’t tell a soul for just under a week! I’ve been playing bingo at Wrexham [...]

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How to decorate your home with a Bingo theme


Do you eat, sleep, and breathe Bingo? Then it’s time to enhance your home with Bingo themed décor, after all, making your surroundings flow perfectly with the things that make you happy is part of the fun. Whether you’re hosting a Bingo party with your besties or you just want to be in the Bingo spirit all year round, regardless of who is over. There are several things you can do: Enhance your living room or family room (or wherever you keep your sofa) with Bingo pillows. These bright throw pillows add a pop of color to any room and really get you in the mood for a game of Bingo without being too kitschy. Bingo Napkins: Having a dinner party? Consider these Epic Products Bingo Dinner Napkins. You can get an entire set for under $10. While they are more expensive than plain old white napkins, they’re a ton [...]

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TV Bingo: Cool things to put on your Bingo Card


A lot of exciting news this week, but most of it has little to do with Bingo. But that doesn’t mean Bingo players can’t have fun with the news. Did you know you can use current events to enhance your home Bingo game? Instead of playing with cards that feature numbers, print out cards with current events. It could have to do with what you’re watching on TV and it could be anything: sports, politics, entertainment. Whatever it is, we’ve got some ideas for your TV-themed Bingo cards, so pay attention. 1. The American League Championship Series Jose Bautista Flips His Bat You can’t check Twitter or Facebook without seeing photos or clips of Jose Bautista flipping his bat after last night’s legendary homerun that helped solidify a Toronto victory against the Texas Rangers. For the ALCS, which gets underway on Friday, consider dropping a square on your Bingo card [...]

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Innovative twists on Bingo you’ll want to play right now


Tired of regular old Bingo? Of course you aren’t. You love the game. But sometimes you just want to mix things up. We don’t blame you. So today, we’re bringing you the most interesting twists on Bingo you’ve likely never played. These games aren’t necessarily available at your favorite online Bingo sites. But they are games you can play at home with friends or family. Death Bingo Put the weapons away. This one has nothing to do with injuring whoever hits a Bingo just out of spite. Actually, it kind of does. In Death Bingo, you actually want to avoid getting a Bingo. Players start with a card and Bingo numbers are called, as per regular Bingo. When someone hits a Bingo, he or she is eliminated from the tournament. The last player left standing after all games wins the tournament. Poker Bingo If you’re tired of seeing numbers, you [...]

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Theater Combines Bingo with German Heritage in Exciting New Show


The benefits of bingo are expansive. Social games are used to raise money for churches, subsidize school field trips and buy equipment for volunteer fire departments. However, a theater in Chicago is taking the benefits of bingo to a brand new level through the production of an innovative new show called ‘We Gotta Bingo’. The plot revolves around a bingo game in a German beer hall where rivaling Irish and Italian catholic churches are joining forces to raise some money. The joint venture comes with a healthy share of over-the-top tension, which is on full display throughout the bingo festivities at Der Brew-Ha-Ha. In total, the theater fits around 150 guests, but you won’t be sure who the cast members are until later in the show. Instead, they’re dispersed throughout the tables in order to encourage an inclusive, friendly bingo game. It isn’t all about bingo, though, as there will [...]

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