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Merry Christmas from everyone at


Merry Christmas from your friends at! As the year comes to a close, we want to say thanks to everyone who made our Bingo community so much fun in 2015. We’re one of the world’s biggest Bingo sites with tens of thousands of members online throughout the day. Just take a look at our Facebook page for proof. We’ve got over 23,000 members who love playing Bingo online. All those people means there’s always a big Bingo game worth playing in. Our big community means more Bingo games and more opportunity for everyone to win, not just at Christmas but all year long. If you’re not yet a member, now is the time to join. If you’re looking for a reason to play during the holidays, we’ve got many. Here’s a look at what’s happening leading up to Christmas. With a few days until the big guy in red [...]

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How Bingo differs from Keno


Love Bingo? Or do you prefer Keno? For many people, the games are similar and there isn't much of difference, however, these people are seriously wrong: Both involve cards, both involve numbers, Both involve winning big... But the truth? There are quite a few differences between Bingo and Keno and once you learn about them, you will never ever thenk of these games as one again. Today we’re going to cover some of the major differences between Bingo and Keno, so read on for all you need to know. A race against other people vs. a race against yourself In Bingo, you’re playing against other people. Several different Bingo players sit down at the same time. They all buy cards for the same game. And when the clock begins, everyone is daubing Bingo cards at the same time. The first person to complete an eligible winning line wins, and when [...]

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What is Rebel Bingo?


What do you get when you mix the drama of bingo, the excitement of music and the suspense of a 1980s game show? If you don’t already know the answer, it’s about time you’re introduced to a little event known as Rebel Bingo. Rebel Bingo got its start as a small basement game played across the United Kingdom. Bingo enthusiasts with a craving for excitement would file into these basements for an innovative combination of classic bingo rules with an extra helping of excitement. Since those days, the game has grown into one of the country’s favorite pastimes. Earlier this year, 37-year-old Freddie Sorensen and 38-year-old James Gordon took the Rebel Bingo formula to a new level by hosting a tournament in one of the U.K.’s biggest bingo halls. According to Sorensen, the duo created Rebel Bingo by accident after they found a bingo kit stored in the basement of [...]

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Bingo: The next big thing for Hipsters


What does it take to look like a Hipster? First put on a pair of thick-rimmed glasses and tell people you can barely see (while in reality, you’re wearing false lenses with no prescription). Then, spend hours on your hour to get that perfect “I don’t care enough to style my hair” look. When that’s done, don one of your patterned ties. But just so you’re not too dressed up, make sure you’re wearing jeans. Loose fitting won’t do. They need to be as skinny and uncomfortable as humanly possible. If they look like they’re painted on, even better. If all this sounds too complicated, you could just start playing Bingo. Yup, it turns out Bingo is the latest trend to enter the world of Hipsters is Bingo. Now, instead of seeing gray-haired senior citizens daubing Bingo cards in church basements, you’ll see young 30-somethings sipping overpriced bean juice (that’s [...]

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Charlotte Welcomes Back Gay Bingo


It’s been on hiatus since 2010, but Gay Bingo made its long-awaited return to Charlotte on Saturday night. The event is a key fundraiser for the Regional Aids Interfaith Network (RAIN), which is one of the largest nonprofits in North Carolina providing direct services to HIV/AIDS-impacted individuals. Gay Bingo got its start in 2000 as Big Hair Bingo in the basement of the Great Aunt Stella Center with about 100 supporters, but its popularity has rapidly grown over the years. In 2010, roughly 2,000 supporters attended the event at the Grady Cole Center. Although Gay Bingo is targeted at a mature audience, it is an all-inclusive event for bingo lovers of all distinctions. The night’s unique combination of a campy musical drag review and a schtick-laden comedy show creates a fun and lighthearted evening full of laughs for an incredibly serious purpose. In total, Gay Bingo features more than a [...]

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Is there such a thing as Bingo Card Counting?


When you hear about card counting, you probably picture a blackjack table and a guy with a fake mustache, why wouldn't you? That is exactly what I personally used to pictured too. While that Hollywood depiction may be accurate, there’s more to card counting than you may think, way more... Consider, for a moment, a way to translate those card counting skills to the bingo hall. Sounds crazy, no? Well, it may not be as wild as you think. Counting cards in bingo doesn’t involve a running count or fancy disguises, but a photographic memory could be a useful tool, also you need attention to detail, and remain focused on the goal...Let's us teach you how can you actually coun cards when you play bingo: The Basics First, we’ll need to explain what bingo card counting is all about. Imagine yourself at your favorite bingo hall. You’ve got your card [...]

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