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Things Not to Do at a Bingo Hall


The popularity of bingo has skyrocketed in recent years, and, if you’re like the majority of gamers, you’ve probably been itching to get in there and try it for yourself. Well, the good news is that bingo halls are available in a wide variety of locations around the planet. On your first trip to these locations, you’ll want to be on your best behavior in order to avoid any unnecessary bad luck, right? Luckily, bingo etiquette is pretty easy to follow, so you’ll likely have no trouble fitting in with the regulars once the games begin. Just to be safe, let’s take a closer look at a few of the most important things to remember when you’re at the bingo hall. Don't start a riot When you walk into the bingo hall, you’ll immediately realize that it’s no library. Socializing with your fellow players isn’t just allowed; it’s encouraged. This [...]

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Bingo Origins: Interesting facts you never knew


Did you know that Bingo was invented by a 6-year-old in 1957? You probably don’t know this because it actually wasn't, we just made that up. But…if you thought it was true, you definitely need to read this: Today, we're exploring the origins of Bingo: where it comes from, how it became the wonderful game we love to play today and where it might go in the future with interesting facts you might not have known or even heard before: The French called it Le Lotto While Bingo is played in the United States, the UK, and Canada, its birthplace can be traced to 19th century France. Back in 1778, Le Lotto ruled the gambling world. It involved cards with 27 squares (3 horizontal, 9 vertical squares). The rows featured 5 numbered squares. The columns featured the numbers 1 through 90. The game was very similar to Bingo. As numbers [...]

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Who plays bingo more: Men or women?


It's a question that's stirred debate ever since the online Bingo craze began. Do women play Bingo more than men? Or do men like to daub numbers way more than their female counterpart? At first glance, the answer might seem obvious. Bingo has traditionally been a game for senior citizens (mostly female) to play in their retirement years. While it's true that many men did play alongside their wives, women typically live longer than men, meaning women are the ones with the reputation to enjoy the game more often. But with online Bingo, the game is skewing younger. Suddenly, a game that has been traditionally played by seniors is now enjoyed by much younger generations. But are the Bingo players primarily women? Or do men enjoy the game just the same? We've reviewed our numbers and are clientele are pretty evenly split, with 57% of our player base being female [...]

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Lady Luck Rewards Women at South African Bingo Halls


In the words of Las Vegas legend Frank Sinatra, “Luck be a lady tonight.” That classic tune must have been the soundtrack during the recent Win-a-Merc drawings held at four Bingo Royale outlets in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The Bingo Royale Jeffrey’s Bay was packed with players with hopes and dreams filled with C-Class Mercedes-Benz automobiles, as the venue was set to draw its first car giveaway since opening nearly three months ago. In this drawing, as well as three others, lucky ladies came out on top with a new set of keys for the grand prize. The Mercedes-Benz C-Class is a popular line of compact executive cars originally introduced in 1993. The automobile is available with a collection of unique features and has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of approximately $38,400. For these four winners, it represents an extremely generous introduction to Bingo Royale’s growing presence throughout South Africa. [...]

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Electronic Pull-Tab Player Wins $71K in Eveleth, Minnesota


On Saturday, June 6th a lucky player won the largest jackpot award for electronic bingo in the state's history. State officials gave a $71,054 check to the winner on Wednesday during a ceremony at Roosevelt's Bar. In the past, the site has ranked among Minnesota's top ten e-pull tab vendors. Funds from the proceeds of the game help to support a variety of charitable causes, including the construction of some athletic facilities. Bar owner Maggie Koivunen noted that the charitable electronic games also provide a fun form of entertainment. She indicated that the woman who won the jackpot had been playing with her husband when she glanced downwards and then suddenly announced "I got it, I got it." Traditionally, many people in Minnesota played bingo in a bingo hall. The new video game marketed by Pilot Games essentially offers an electronic bingo caller instead of a live human one. The [...]

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1,200 Raised by Bingo for Boardwalk Buddy Walk

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Funds Raised by Local Non-profit Dedicated to Helping Special Needs Persons The May 30 Buddy Bingo Night at the Dewey Beach Lions Club bingo hall was a huge success. Over $1200 was raised for the Boardwalk Buddy Walk. This money will help the organization put on its 10th annual Buddy Walk on Saturday, October 10th. The Boardwalk Buddy Walk organization is dedicated to helping people with Down's Syndrome and other, similar disorders. It operates primarily in the Rehobeth and Dewey areas. The organization has been around for a decade, and has helped hundreds of mentally challenged persons. Bingo Event a Success The May 30 event was organized by Lauren Wright and Karen Mumford. They are longtime members of the organization, and members of the board. Liz Evans and Sharonlee Diehl assisted them with the logistics of the event. The organization chose to put on a live bingo event, as bingo [...]

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