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Four people arrested for operating illegal bingo parlor


Do you have regular home poker games? Many people across the United States do, anteing up hundreds of dollars in one night. It’s a friendly game of poker, but in many states it’s actually not legal to do so. Still many people play without worrying about being prosecuted. The same people who play home poker games know full well that it’s illegal to run a casino from your house. And 99.99% of people playing these poker games would never even think to hold a casino night. But what about bingo? Is it illegal to play home bingo games? Can you run your own bingo parlor without worrying about breaking the law? Not in most states. And definitely not in North Carolina. Under state law, you can only run what’s known as beach blanket bingo. That means bingo games without payouts of $10 or less per game. Larger games are permitted, [...]

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50 years for The Boston Gliderdrome: From Roller Rink to Music Venue to Bingo Hall


In Lincolnshire, England, in a place they call Boston there exists a legendary building. This building started its life as a simple roller rink and evolved into an incredible hotspot. Now this grand venue recently celebrated its 50th anniversary as the new version that the people of Boston grew to love. Looking back on its history, one can put into perspective the wondrous evolution of this famous multipurpose hall. Some of music’s biggest names graced the renowned “Starlight Rooms,” and when there no live music is rocking the walls, the voice of the bingo caller echoes down the halls. The Gliderdrome has a lively and exciting history. The original Gliderdrome was opened in 1939. It’s original purpose and function was as a roller-skating rink. They began holding dancing nights on Wednesday nights. That was alright, but it wasn’t until the 1950s that the Gliderdrome began to dip its toes into [...]

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Selecting Your Bingo Bonus


Bonuses galore! Bonuses are always the best part about playing online casinos. Casinos throw loads of bonuses left and right, and, hopefully, all you players out there in virtual land take advantage of these great bonuses and make the most of them in every way. Sometimes, though, having so many bonuses to choose from can make selecting your bonus a little difficult; it may be hard to choose which bonus is the right one for you or the one that is the best suited for what you want to play. So let’s take a minute and look at the bonuses offered on 123Bingo. Welcome Bonuses The first bonuses you will look at when selecting your bonus will be the welcome bonuses. Here at 123Bingo we have three different welcome deposit bonuses for all you guys and gals to benefit from. The first welcome bonus is a 600% bonus on your [...]

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Free cash on the line with Bingo Raffles, 7 days a week


You know how the hair on the back of your neck stands at attention when you’re one square away from filling up a bingo card? It happens whether you’re playing live bingo or online bingo. There’s nothing quite like it – except of course feeling the same way without even holding a bingo card in your hand. With Daily Raffles at, you’ve got the chance to win up to $500 in cash each day without even playing a single game of Bingo. Here’s how it works. Just make a minimum deposit at and you’ll be entered into the daily Bingo Raffle. The minimum deposit varies from day to day (it’s $50 some days and $75 on others) Feel free to deposit more than that, but just know that you’ll only get one entry per deposit, per day, regardless of the size of the deposit. Alternatively, you can deposit [...]

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Halloween is over, but scary bingo lives on…


I know Halloween is over, but it’s usually during the months between Halloween and Christmas that I get nostalgic for the scariest holiday of the year. I walk through the malls and listen to the Christmas music, but I can’t help wish it were still Halloween. The other night, I decided to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas, an homage to both Halloween and everyone’s favorite holiday that’s clearly not as good as the pumpkin fest. I was watching the flick in front of my TV with my laptop open, locked to Playing online bingo while watching the movie was a hair-raising experience. And racing toward a finished bingo card gave me just as many goose bumps as the movie did. But what I came across next sent chills up my spine. I don’t know how I ended up where I did, but I’m glad I landed there. I guess [...]

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Elderly couple break hips en route to bingo hall


It’s no secret that bingo halls tend to attract the elderly. So this story we’re about to report hurts. Literally. An elderly couple in the UK, who were on their way to play bingo, expecting a safe night out, are now in the hospital. No, they weren’t victims of some random robbery. They were victims of sidewalks and poor city planning. The couple broke their hips after falling near the bingo hall. Cath Henry was walking arm in arm with her husband Lindon when her walking stick got caught in the pavement. She fell. He fell. And now both are recovering in hospital. Just swell. It gets worse. This isn’t the result of a city not taking care of their sidewalks. The sidewalks are actually brand new. The city put in special pavement slabs with grooves in them to help visually impaired people realize that they’re approaching a crosswalk. Unfortunately, [...]

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