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The Best Bingo Prizes


So, you’re ready to host your very own bingo tournament? That’s great! Whether to raise money for a good cause or to bring the community together, bingo provides an unparalleled social gaming experience. While the thrill of the game is great, organizing a bingo event requires more than just bingo cards. For some players, the most important aspect to bingo games is always the prizes. There are plenty of options when considering bingo prizes, but it’s important to remain within your budget. Remember, don’t spend more on the rewards than you expect to receive from attendance. Otherwise, your charity bingo event will have trouble supporting the causes you have in mind. With that precaution out of the way, let’s take a look at a few of the very best bingo prizes to attract players to your game. Gift Cards Since money isn’t an option, you could always go with the [...]

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5 things you should never do at a Bingo hall


If you play a lot of online bingo, chances are you're used to a certain style of play and you're also probably used to the freedom that comes with not having to abide by a certain set of rules, in the comfort of your own home, where you won’t be disturbed or be disturbing anyone. But if you take your game to the real world, that freedom disappears and you must comply with what you’re expected as “normal” citizen (although I honestly don’t think there’s actually such as thing as normal in this world). We're not saying you can't have playing live, but there are 5 key things you should never do at a Bingo hall. If you're planning a trip, you better pay attention to this. Don't scream Bingo if you don't actually have one You know the story of the boy who cried wolf? In that classic tale, [...]

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Chicago Suburb using Bingo as a Political Problem Solver


Some have referred to the race pitting candidates Brian Wojowski and Michael Lambert against one another as an example of democracy at its best. After a long campaign season and an unquestionably tight race, the results are in, and it’s a tie. Yes, you heard that right. In the election for the position of trustee in Plainfield, Illinois, the results are inconclusive! That’s where bingo comes into play. In order to determine a winner when voters can’t, officials turn to the game’s classic system of randomly drawn balls. On Friday, the 741 vote stalemate will come to an end, as two bingo balls – numbered one and two – are placed into a small box for the candidates to select. After the two candidates make their choices, the balls will be revealed and the person with the number one ball will win the race. The two weary candidates were left [...]

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Cheektowaga Woman Robs Church of Bingo Money


Kim Pietrzak, a 46-year-old woman from Fairelm Lane, was accused of stealing almost $50,000 worth of bingo money from the Resurrection Parish of Cheektowaga last November. The theft took place over the course of two years between 2010 and 2012 when she was employed as a business manager by the church. On Wednesday, she pleaded guilty to third-degree grand larceny, one count out of twenty-eight possible charges she could be facing. Pietrzak admitted to Erie County Judge D'Amico that the money was used to go gambling and although she stated that other members of the church staff were also involved, she remains the only person charged in the theft. The woman has returned a check for $10,000 as restitution, which has been accepted by the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo. The investigation was started when officials began to notice accounting discrepancies and suspicious irregularities in the church finances, which prompted an [...]

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Bingo Detective: Strange places to play Bingo


It's that time of year again! Actually, we're a little late this year. We normally release the results of our yearly Bingo survey at the start of the year, but we were too busy working on big Bingo promotions for the 2015 calendar year that it got pushed aside. But I digress. Now, the moment you've all been waiting for. We asked our players one big questions to end the year: "What's the strangest place you've ever played Bingo?" And here are the top results. If you're in public, we'll warn you, some of these are shocking. #5 In the bathroom This one isn't that strange at all. It was our most popular answer, so we're going to categorize it as the least strange. A few players actually informed us that they have a Netbook or tablet in the bathroom exclusively for playing Bingo. #4 In a status meeting at [...]

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Woman sentenced to 30 months in jail for Bingo theft


We can't stress this enough. If you think you have a Bingo addiction, or any addiction for that matter, please seek professional assistance. There are all sorts of organizations that can help. In fact, if you think you're addicted to Bingo, let us know. We'll set up some deposit and time limits on your account to make sure you're not getting in over your head. That's advice Jacqueline Ballam, a trusted finance officer at Pembroke College, wished she had taken. The mother of two has been sentenced to 30 months in jail for stealing nearly £300,000 pounds from her employer to fund or £6 million gambling addiction. If you're American, we're talking about stealing $439,000 to fund an $8.7 million addiction. Keep in mind, she actually only deposited £324,425 of her own money (we use the term "only" very loosely). She was able to snowball the cash into big wins, [...]

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